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Crakehall Wills and Inventories from the Archdeaconry of Richmond

Up to the 19th century, probate for the wills of people living in Crakehall was granted in the diocesan court, and the registered wills are in the diocesan records of Richmond Archdeaconry that are held at the West Yorkshire Archive Service, Sheepscar, Leeds (catalogue reference WYL882). Many of the wills are accompanied by Probate Inventories that provide more or less detailed lists of the deceased person's property. Sometimes the testator's goods are itemised room by room in the house they occupied. Inventories of this kind, dating from the 16th to the 18th century, give pictures of the way these people lived that can not be obtained in any other way, while the wills provide valuable genealogical information.

I have abstracted wills and inventories for people from Crakehall from the published indexes (which are probably incomplete) and these are listed below, together with a note of whether an inventory is available. The date given is that of the inventory, where there is one, since it gives a nearer indication of the date of death than does the will.
I have retained the spelling of the originals, but I have inserted punctuation occasionally, for clarity. Where it has been necessary to add a comment, this is italicised in square brackets.
Many of he words used to describe household goods, farm equipment and stock are archaic. You can consult a glossary of these terms HERE, and it is also accessible from each will/inventory by clicking GLOSSARY

For testators with property in more than one administrative area, and occasionally for other reasons, probate may have been granted by the consistatory courts of York or Canterbury. The registered wills and inventories from these sources are in the Borthwick Institute, York, and in the National Archives, Kew, respectively. I have included some of these in the index, indicated with a Y or C before the date.

The original documents are, of course, hand written. You can see an example of one HERE, together with a transcript, which gives an idea of the kind of information they contain.

Names for which you can see transcripts are highlighted - click on the name to see the transcript

Allen, John 1596 W,I
Allen, Thomas C 1807 W
Beadnall, Robert C 1805 W
Branson, Ann I 1650 W,I
Branson, Ann II C 1652 W (identical with above)
Clapham, Adam 1615 W,I
Clapham, Isabel 1566 W,I
Clapham, Peter 1637 I
Clapham, Richard 1634 I
Clapham, Robert (I) 1624 I
Clapham, Robert(II) 1642 I
Clapham, Robert (III) 1664 I
Clarke, Anne 1681 I
Clarke, Luce 1580 W,I
Clarke, Richard 1616 W,I
Clarke, Thomas (I) 1603 W,I
Clarke, Thomas (II) 1626 W,I
Clarke,William 1628 W,I
Clarke,William 1648 I
Collinson, Henry C 1658 W
Collinson, Margaret 1669 W
Collinson, Robert (I) 1627 I
Collinson, Robert (II) 1699 W,I
Cooke, George 1623 W,I
Day, Robert 1635 W,I
Harrison, Thomas 1654 W
Harrison, Thomas C 1654 W (identical with above)
Harrison, William 1675 W,I
Haw, Jane 1682 W,I
Hinde, Thomas 1699 I
Hird, Brian 1693 I
Hodgson, Robert 1679 I
Horner, Christopher 1676 W,I
Husband, William 1589 I
Jackson, Edward 1660 W
Jackson, George 1623 W
Jackson, Henry 1613 W,I
Jackson, John 1672 I
Jackson, Robert 1662 W,I
Jackson, Thomas 1665 W,I
Jackson, William (I) 1613 W,I
Jackson, William (younger) 1613 W,I
Jackson, William (II) 1619 W
Johnson, John 1661 (d.1660) W,I
Lambert, George 1698 W,I
Langstaffe, Henry 1700 W,I
Lucas, Henry 1676 W,I
Mason, Dorothy 1624 I
Mason, Henry 1671 I
Mason, John 1676 I
Mason, Ralph 1620 W,I
Mayson, Richard C 1658 W
Ridley, Francis 1683 I
Storer, Christopher 1680 I
Storer, George 1620 W,I
Symondson, Raufe 1535 W
Vittie, Richard 1621 W,I
Ward, Elizabeth 1613 W,I
Ward, William 1611 W,I
Ward, William 1623 W,I
Watson, James 1697 W,I
Webster, John 1682 I
Webster, Nicholas 1685 I
Whitton, William 1663 W

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