Personal names in Crakehall property deeds in the North Riding Registry of Deeds, 1736 to 1838

The North Riding Registry of Deeds contains registered copies of property deeds (sales and mortgages, and some wills) from 1736 onwards. The deeds were copied into books up to 1885, and these are indexed in separate volumes by the names of the purchasers of the property, and by placename of the location of the property. Since they contain records of nearly all deeds executed in the North Riding, the Registers are an invaluable source of the names of property owners.

I have abstracted the names of all parties to deeds for property in Crakehall, from 1736 to the time of the Tithe Award and listed them alphabetically by name of seller and, separately, by name of purchaser. The lists give names, approximate dates (within a five year period) and the references to the Register volumes where the copies of the deeds themselves can be found. Please note that I do not claim that these are complete lists, though I believe they name the vast majority of people having landed interests in Crakehall.

The information in the deeds is invaluable for local historians, and the Registers can be accessed via the North Riding County Record Office, Northallerton, who provide a leaflet about the Registry. For family historians it is important to note that the parties to these deeds did not necessarily live in Crakehall themselves (there is an analysis of property ownership in the village here). The registered deeds, but not the indexes, give their places of residence.

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