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The site is continually updated (see here for recent additions - the latest are highlighted); see here for CONTENTS and will form a continuous history of the village from Norman times to the present day, looking at the changes in the landscape and farming over the centuries, local trades and industries, village people and their homes. You will also find an archives section with transcripts of old documents such as maps, surveys of the village, manor court rolls,household inventories, and photographs of the village past and present.

For those who are interested in pursuing historical research, there is a comprehensive list of the documentary sources that we know about.

I will update the site as I get new information, and would welcome any contributions of information, pictures etc to add to the site. Please e-mail me


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Chapters - a full history of the village, divided into chapters on various topics
Documents - a list of original historical documents relating to Crakehall, and where they can be found
  Archives - transcripts and indexes for some of the most important documents
  Pictures - 19th and 20th century photographs, and pictures of some interesting original documents
  Links - useful web material

Recent updates:

January 20, 2006 - Sources - a list of primary documentary sources, and their whereabouts.
February 4, 2006 - Chapters - The ancient landscape; The Lords of the Manor; The Manor and village life in Tudor times; Farming and Enclosure.
Archives - 1602 survey of Manor of Crakehall; 1602 survey of Coverham Abbey property in Crakehall; 1758 tithe account for Great Crakehall.
March 12, 2006 - Links - links to other sites useful for the history of Crakehall and its people.
Archives - Indexes of purchasers and sellers in deeds for Crakehall property sales, 1736-1840.
March 16, 2006 - Pictures - first file of old photographs.
April 9, 2006 - Pictures - second file of old photographs (of people).
April 20, 2006 - Chapters - Village people - how they lived.
January 2, 2007 - Archives - 1891 Census.
January 4, 2007 - Archives - a Crakehall probate inventory of 1676.
January 10, 2007 - Archives - Manor court records of 1698
January 10, 2007 - Archives - Valuation of farms in Crakehall, 1732
January 22, 2007 - Archives - Index and transcripts of 60 Crakehall wills and inventories, 1565 - 1700
Chapters - update of Farming
January 29, 2007 - Archives - Survey of Little Crakehall and Hollowmoor, 1611; Crakehall in the Quarter Sessions records, 1607-1703
February 28, 2007 - Archives - Update of wills and inventories, 1655-58; Surveys of Crakehall and Rand Grange, 1553, 1630; Crakehall and Langthorne baptisms, marriages and burials, from Bedale Parish registers, 1576 - 1601; Crakehall Poor Law and Charity papers, 1814 - 1849
May 1, 2007- Archives - Crakehall churchyard memorial inscriptions, from 1840; list of funerals undertaken by Luke Sedgwick of Crakehall, 1870-1903
Chapters - Trade and Industry in Crakehall [including the water mills]
November 20, 2007 - Archives - Manor court rolls: lists of residents of the village, 1673-1832
December 23, 2007 - Archives - List of Crakehall churchwardens, 1610-1860
January 21, 2008 - Census - Restored broken links from the 1871 census names index

All the text and images on this site are copyright of Ian Hancock, 2005-07. If you would like to use them, or need more information, please e-mail me
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Last updated 23 December, 2007