Crakehall Tithe Apportionment , 1839. House Owners and Occupiers
Transcribed from the diocesan copy now at the Borthwick Institute, York

GO DIRECT TO THE APPORTIONMENT. This lists the house owners in alphabetical order, names the tenants, and identifies their property by a map reference number. Clicking on the reference number will show photographs of that part of the village.

GO TO THE TITHE MAP OF GREAT CRAKEHALL The map shows the houses with their reference numbers, with links (incomplete) to photographs

GO TO THE TITHE MAP OF LITTLE CRAKEHALL The map shows the houses with their reference numbers, with links (incomplete) to photographs

Index of Surnames

Click on the surname to find the person in the Apportionment below. The name will be in the top section displayed.
L - Landlord T - Tenant

Banks William T
Barras George L
Beck Ann L
Braithwaite Thomas T
Brown Richard T
Brown William T
Buck William T
Burton William T
Calvert George T
Calvert Judith T
Cannon Christopher T
Cannon Thomas 1 L
Cannon Thomas 2 T
Cannon Thomas 3 T
Carter Hannah T
Carter T
Castling Joseph L
Castling Robert L
Castling William 1 L
Castling William 2 T
Chapel Trustees L
Clarkson Christopher L
Clarkson Thomas T
Coates John T
Colling William T
Court Henry L
Dobby Henry T
Dodsworth Sir Edward L
Fishburn William T
Gale Robert T
Hall George T
Hall William T
Harker Jarvis T
Hawxwell James T
Heugh Francis T
Hobson Thomas L
Hodgson Henry T
Hutton John L
Hutton Timothy L
Hunton John L
Ineson J T
Laidman John T
Langstaff John T
Leeds Duke of L
Linskill Elizabeth T
Linton George L
Lockey Robert T
Lonsdale Ann T
Masterman Thomas L
Mayhew Henry L
Musgrave Elizabeth L
Outhwaite John T
Pattison William T
Pearson Richard T
Peart Ann T
Plews Henry L
Plews Nathaniel L
Plews William L
Poor of Crakehall L
Prest William T
Pulleine Elizabeth L
Race Benjamin T
Ramsden George L
Remmer John L
Robson James L
Robson Thomas T
Rymer Matthew T
Sadler Elizabeth L
Sadler George L
Sadler William T
Stapleton Thomas L
Taylor T
Turner John L
Walker Lambert T
Ware William T
Wayne Margaret L
Webster Henry L
Webster William L
Wilcock J T
Wright Sarah L

House owners and occupiers in tithe apportionment

* G - Great Crakehall, L-Little Crakehall, K- Kirkbridge
Map number in blue link to photographs of the present-day houses


Owner Occupier Map No.* Description
Barras, George J.Wilcock and others 282 G cottages, yard, garden
Beck, Ann In hand 281 G cottage and garden
Cannon, Thomas Christopher Cannon 278 G cottages and garth
Castling, William William Brown and Henry Hodgson 419b L cottage and yard
Castling,William and Robert Robert Castling 32 L
420 L
421 L
house, garth, kiln garth
house, carrier’s shop, garth
Chapel Garth
Castling, Joseph Ann Peart 33 L cottage and garth
Clarkson, Christopher Henry Dobby and others 265 G cottages and garth
Court, Henry In hand 269 G cottage and garth
Dodsworth, Sir Edward Richard Brown
Ann Lonsdale
William Banks and J.Ineson
William Banks
John Laidman
31 L
41 L

161 G
267 G
375 G
cottage and orchard
house, outbuildings, garden (1)

Moorfall House and garden (2)
cottages, garth, orchard
house, garden, garth (3)
Hobson, Thomas James Hauxwell and others 206 L cottages, yard
Hutton, John esq. John Outhwaite
William Castling
George Calvert
William Buck
William Castling
29 L
336 G
422 L
430 L
435 G
house and garth
back pasture, house etc. (4)
Quarry Garth, houses etc.
Bank Side, corn-mill etc. (5)
house etc. and E.Land Hole Close (6)
Hutton, Timothy esq. Francis Heugh 396 G house, garden, garth (7)
Hunton, John William Fishburn and others 275a G cottages and yard
Linton, George George Hall 419a L cottages etc.
Duke of Leeds William Burton
John Coates
Benjamin Race
William Colling, Taylor and Carter
4 L
149 K
152 K

187 K
house and pasture (8)
house and orchard (9)
mill and mill close (10)

cottages and Land Hole Close
Mayhew, Henry esq. Robert Gale
Hannah Carter
William Ware
263 G
274 G
279 G
house and garth
cottage and garth
house and garth (11)
Musgrave, Elizabeth In hand
Thomas Clarkson
213 L
215 L
house etc.
Mill Garth, mill, house etc. (12)
Masterman, Thomas Lambert Walker
Thomas Robson
270 G
354 G
cottage and garth
cottages and garth
Oates, Rev. John, devisees Henry Hodgson 275 G cottage, garth
Plews, William In hand 208 L cottage and yard
Poor of Crakehall Judith Calvert 35 L cottage and garden
Plews, Henry Thomas Cannon 367 G public house and Crossways
Plews, Nathaniel Jarvis Harker 277 G public house and garth (13)
Pulleine, Mrs Elizabeth In hand

George Ramsden
William Prest and Matthew Rymer
242 G
261 G
262 G

264 G
mansion, pleasure grounds(14)
cottage and garth
house and garth

house and garth
Remmer, John In hand 211 L 419 L houses, garth and garden public house and garden (15)
Ramsden, George John Langstaff and others 207 L cottages and yard
Robson, James esq. William Pattison
Richard Pearson and Robert Lockey
William Hall
In hand

Elizabeth Linskill
Thomas Cannon
34 L

91 L
218 G
219, 220 G
222 G
280 G
323 G
house, orchard etc.

house etc. (16)
cottages, yard etc.
house, stables, garden and Chapel Garth (17)
cottages etc.
cottages and garth
house and orchard (18)
Stapleton, Thomas self and others 273 G cottages and garden
Sadler, George In hand 212 L house and garden
Sadler, Elizabeth In hand 217 G house and garden
Trustees of Chapel sundry 275b G chapel, cottages, yard (19)
Turner, John In hand 268 G cottage and garth
Webster, William and Henry In hand 266 G cottages and garth
Wayne, Margaret William Sadler 157 G house and West Field (20)
Wright, Miss Sarah Thomas Braithwaite 272 G house, cottages etc.

Description Notes: 1.Burtree House 2.Mirefold House 3.Cote House 4.Scroggs House 5.High Mill 6.Pasture House 7.Mudfield House 8.Hunters Hill 9.Kirkbridge Farm 10.Kirkbridge Mill 11.Village Farm 12.Crakehall Mill 13.Bay Horse 14.The Hall 15.Malt Shovel House 16.Ings Farm 17.Crakehall House 18.Low Scroggs 19.West End Chapel 20.Low Pasture Farm