ICH 30.04.05

Surname index to the 1871 census of Great and Little Crakehall

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Anderson Elizabeth wife 8g
Anderson Elizabeth A daughter 8g
Anderson George head 8g
Anderson Hannah daughter 8g
Anderson John W son 8g
Anderson Mary A daughter 8g
Atkinson Charlotte daughter
Atkinson Elizabeth wife 5l
Atkinson Emma daughter 5l
Atkinson Francis servant
Atkinson George Horn head 5l
Atkinson George Horn son 5l
Atkinson Harriet daughter 5l
Atkinson Jane wife 9l
Atkinson John William son 9l
Atkinson Joseph White son 9l
Atkinson Margaret E daughter 5l
Atkinson Margaret Jane daughter 9l
Atkinson Martha Ann daughter 9l
Atkinson Mary Elizabeth daughter 5l
Atkinson Mary Elizabeth daughter 9l
Atkinson Matthias head 9l
Austin Elizabeth visitor 4g
Austin Hannah H A visitor 4g
Austin Mary E T visitor 4g
Banks Ellen guest 12g
Barber Sarah servant 9l
Barker Christopher servant 9l
Barker Elizabeth wife 6g
Barker John son 3g
Barker Mary head 3g
Barker William head 6g
Bearparke John A G.son 3g
Bell Jane head 4g
Bell Robert son 4g
Bellerby George H son 8g
Bellerby Jonathan W son 8g
Bellerby Mary wife 8g
Bellerby William head 8g
Bennison James head 12g
Bennison John H son 12g
Bennison Mary wife 12g
Bennison Mary E daughter 12g
Berry John servant 9l
Blackburn Jane relation 6l
Boddy Anne wife 10l
Boddy John head 10l
Boddy Millicent daughter 10l
Bott Alphonse W son 2g
Bott Benjamin head 7g
Bott Harriet wife 7g
Bott Jesse head 2g
Bott Joseph son 7g
Bott Sarah wife 2g
Bott Sarah J daughter 7g
Braithwaite Ada Zilla daughter 7l
Braithwaite Ann wife 3l
Braithwaite Charles son 3l
Braithwaite Elizabeth Hetherwick daughter 3l
Braithwaite Hannah daughter 7l
Braithwaite James head 7l
Braithwaite Jane wife 7l
Braithwaite John son 3l
Braithwaite John son 7l
Braithwaite Mary Ann daughter 3l
Braithwaite Philip head 3l
Braithwaite Philip son 3l
Brown Christopher head 5l
Brown John head 5l
Brown John Thomas son 5l
Brown Joseph son 5l
Brown Margaret daughter 5l
Brown Mary daughter 5l
Brown Mary Ann wife 5l
Buckle Elizabeth wife 7g
Buckle Francis head 7g
Buckle John nephew 7g
Burton Ann Louisa daughter 4l
Burton Frederick son 4l
Burton George head 4l
Burton Henry son 4l
Burton Margaret A wife 4l
Bush Jane G.daughter 11g
Cabel Peter servant 13g
Cannon Christopher head 9g
Cannon Emily J daughter 9g
Cannon John W son 9g
Cannon Margaret wife 9g
Carter Francis head 4g
Carter Hannah wife 4g
Carter Jonathan head 7g
Carter William head 5g
Castling Ann wife 8g
Castling Charles head 4l
Castling Dorothy wife 4l
Castling Elizabeth head 11g
Castling Ellen daughter 4l
Castling William head 8g
Clark Mary A housekeeper 7g
Clarkson Christopher son 2g
Clarkson Elizabeth wife 2g
Clarkson Elizabeth daughter 2g
Clarkson Joseph head 2g
Clarkson Joseph son 2g
Colling Elizabeth daughter 11l
Colling John son 11l
Colling Mary head 11l
Cowe Edward son 12g
Cowe Enoch son 12g
Cowe James son 12g
Cowe John head 12g
Cowe Margaret wife 12g
Cowell Mary daughter 3g
Cowell Mary C G.daughter 3g
Crow Elizabeth niece 10g
Crow George servant 11g
Crow Joseph head 10g
Cuthbert Henry head 9g
Cuthbert Henry A son 9g
Cuthbert Richard son 9g
Cuthbert Ruth wife 9g
Dinsdale Ann grandmother 10l
Dinsdale Ann head 11g
Dinsdale Catherine wife 4g
Dinsdale Henry head 12g
Dinsdale James son 12g
Dinsdale John son 10l
Dinsdale Mary wife 12g
Dinsdale Mary daughter 12g
Dinsdale Mary Ann daughter 10l
Dinsdale Thomas head 4g
Dinsdale William son 10l
Dixon Edmund head 7g
Douthwaite Hannah wife 14g
Douthwaite Hannah M daughter 14g
Douthwaite Henry son 14g
Douthwaite John head 14g
Early Charles head 4g
Early Charles son 4g
Early Elizabeth wife 4g
Early Margaret daughter 4g
Eden Mary wife 11g
Eden Thomas head 11g
Eden William G.son 11g
Ellis Sarah servant 11g
Espiner Ada niece 2l
Espiner Henry head 2l
Espiner Lilley daughter 2l
Espiner Mary sister in law 2l
Espiner William son 2l
Eyre Margaret housekeeper 2g
Fawcett William servant 14g
Fishburn James son 9l
Fishburn June daughter 9l
Fishburn William head 9l
Forrest Jane mother in law 9l
Fryer Annie wife 9g
Fryer Jane wife 2g
Fryer John head 2g
Fryer John head 9g
Fryer Mary Jane daughter 2g
Gann Alma daughter 1g
Gann Charlotte wife 1g
Gann Edward head 1g
Guest Louisa A servant 1g
Garrett ? wife 1g
Garrett Mary daughter 1g
Hall Eleanor wife 10g
Hall Elizabeth wife 1l
Hall Frances Elizabeth G.daughter 1l
Hall Margaret A daughter 4g
Hall Martha G.daughter 1l
Hall Proctor head 10g
Hall Stephen head 1l
Hall William head 4g
Hallaways Anne Maria daughter 10l
Hallaways Harry son 10l
Hallaways Jabez head 10l
Hallaways Jane wife 10l
Hallaways Laura [?] daughter 10l
Hallaways William son 10l
Hammond George son 5l
Hammond Henry son 5l
Hammond Isabel daughter 5l
Hammond Margaret daughter 5l
Hammond Mary wife 5l
Hammond Mary Ann daughter 5l
Hammond Richard head 5l
Hammond Richard son 5l
Hanby Henry son 10g
Hanby John head 3g
Hanby Maria wife 10g
Hanby Miles M head 10g
Hanby Sarah wife 3g
Hant Anne servant 1g
Hardy Thomas head 10g
Harland Catherine head 7g
Harland Elizabeth servant 8g
Harland George head 1l
Harland Jane wife 1l
Haukswell Dorothy wife 7l
Haukswell Harriet daughter 7l
Haukswell James head 7l
Haukswell John son 7l
Haukswell Mary daughter 7l
Haukswell Phyllis daughter 7l
Heseltine Abigail daughter 8g
Heseltine Eleanor wife 8g
Heseltine John head 8g
Heseltine John W son 8g
Heseltine Margaret C daughter 8g
Heugh Christopher son 13g
Heugh Jane I daughter 13g
Heugh John head 13g
Heugh Margaret M daughter 13g
Heugh Mary E wife 13g
Hobson Arthur son 1l
Hobson Frederick son 1l
Hobson Hannah daughter 1l
Hobson John head 1l
Hobson Margaret I daughter 1l
Hobson Martha wife 1l
Hobson Mathew John son 1l
Hobson Thomas Edward son 1l
Hobson William son 1l
Holland Addison H daughter 6g
Holland Elizabeth wife 6g
Holland George head 6g
Holland Harriet daughter 6g
Holland Harry son 6g
Holland Jane daughter 6g
Holland John son 6g
Homler Alice head 3l
Homler Elizabeth daughter 3l
Homler Harriet servant 14g
Homler Margaret head 3l
Homler Mary wife 11g
Homler Thomas head 11g
Hudson Edith daughter 8l
Hudson Henry head 8g
Hudson Isaac head 8l
Hudson James unknown 4l
Hudson Louisa daughter 8l
Hudson Margaret wife 8g
Hudson Matilda Lomax wife 8l
Hudson Robert Robinson son 8l
Hutchinson James lodger 12g
Ianson Margaret niece 6g
Ianson Mary mother 6g
Ianson Mary niece 6g
Jackson Jane wife 10g
Jackson John son 10g
Jackson Jonathan head 10g
Jackson Robert son 10g
Jackson William son 10g
James Eleanor mother in law 10g
James Elizabeth sister 14g
James William head 14g
Jameson Christopher head 12g
Jameson Margaret wife 12g
Jameson Maria daughter 12g
Jefferson Edward lodger 12g
Jefferson John lodger 12g
Jefferson Peter lodger 12g
Jefferson William lodger 12g
Jennings Rachel servant 8l
Johnson Elizabeth A daughter 3g
Johnson Ingram son in law 3g
Johnson Joseph visitor 2g
Johnson Robert H G.son 3g
Johnson Sarah daughter 3g
Johnson William servant 13g
Jones Elizabeth servant 2g
Judges Charles head 7g
Lancaster George servant 8l
Langstaff Ann wife 9l
Langstaff Anne daughter 9l
Langstaff Elizabeth head 11l
Langstaff Elizabeth Heckley daughter 9l
Langstaff Margaret daughter 9l
Langstaff Mary Jane daughter 9l
Langstaff Robert head 9l
Langstaff Thomas son 11l
Lawson Albert son 3l
Lawson Ann daughter 9g
Lawson Catherine wife 9g
Lawson Catherine daughter 9g
Lawson Elizabeth daughter 3l
Lawson Francis son 9g
Lawson Jane wife 3l
Lawson Jane daughter 9g
Lawson John son 3l
Lawson Martha daughter 9g
Lawson Mary Jane daughter 3l
Lawson Thomas head 9g
Lawson Thomas son 9g
Lawson William head 3l
Leake Elizabeth daughter 1g
Leake Hannah daughter 1g
Leake Isabella wife 1g
Leake John son 1g
Leake Mary Jane daughter 1g
Leake Robert head 1g
Leake Robert Lewis 1g
Linskey Ellen wife 6g
Linskey John head 6g
Linskill Ann wife 2g
Linskill Joseph son 2g
Linskill Mark head 2g
Loadman Anne daughter 13g
Loadman Frances daughter 13g
Loadman Isabella wife 13g
Loadman James son 13g
Loadman Jane daughter 13g
Loadman John head 13g
Loadman William son 13g
Lockey Arthur son 11g
Lockey Mary wife 11g
Lockey Robert head 11g
Matson Emma G.daughter 10g
Matson Hannah head 10g
Matson Hannah daughter 10g
Merriweather Anthony son 1g
Merriweather Ellen widow 1g
Merriweather John son 1g
Metcalf Alfred G.son 1l
Metcalf Catherine wife 1l
Metcalf James head 1l
Metcalf Jane wife 9l
Metcalf Joseph head 9l
Metcalf Lawrence son 9l
Metcalf Margaret daughter 9l
Metcalfe James servant 13g
Metcalfe Mary wife 13g
Metcalfe Richard head 13g
Milward John lodger 12g
Morland Dorothy head 6g
Musgrave Ann wife 2l
Musgrave Anne daughter 2l
Musgrave Frances wife 1l
Musgrave John son 2l
Musgrave Leonard head 1l
Musgrave Leonard son 2l
Musgrave Mary wife 1l
Musgrave Mary Eliza daughter 1l
Musgrave Simon head 6l
Musgrave Susannah wife 6l
Musgrave Thomas head 2l
Musgrave William head 1l
Nelson John son 3g
Nelson Margaret wife 3g
Nelson Margaret A daughter 3g
Nelson Thomas head 3g
Nelson Thomas son 3g
Norton Elizabeth servant 11g
Park or Smith Alice wife 10g
Park or Smith Jane daughter 10g
Park or Smith Matthew son 10g
Park or Smith Peter head 10g
Parker Ann G.niece 5g
Parker Elizabeth G.niece 5g
Parker Hannah neice 5g
Parker Jack G.nephe 5g
Parker Jane H G.niece 5g
Parnaby Mary head 3g
Pattison Dorothy servant 10l
Pattison Elizabeth wife 4l
Pattison George Henry son 8l
Pattison Helena daughter 4l
Pattison Henrietta daughter 4l
Pattison James son 2l
Pattison Jane widow 7l
Pattison John head 4l
Pattison John son 4l
Pattison John son 8l
Pattison John Thomas son 2l
Pattison Margaret daughter 4l
Pattison Margaret wife 8l
Pattison Mary wife 2l
Pattison Mary daughter 2l
Pattison Mary daughter 8l
Pattison Robert head 2l
Pattison William son 4l
Pattison William head 8l
Pickersgill Thomas servant 2g
Pinkney Hannah wife 3l
Pinkney Hannah daughter 3l
Pinkney Hannah Frances wife 1l
Pinkney John head 3l
Pinkney John son 3l
Pinkney Jane Helling daughter 3l
Pinkney Sarah Hannah daughter 1l
Pinkney William head 1l
Pratt Annie wife 8g
Pratt Elizabeth wife 7g
Pratt Fanny mother 8g
Pratt James son 7g
Pratt Jane E niece 8g
Pratt Matthew son 7g
Pratt Peter head 7g
Pratt Richard head 8g
Pratt Robert son 7g
Pratt Sarah A daughter 7g
Raven Rev T Melville head 2g
Reed Emma niece 8g
Reynard Ann head 7g
Reynard William head 3g
Rimer James W son 2g
Rimer Jane Ann daughter 2g
Rimer Mary Ann wife 2g
Rimer Matthew head 2g
Robinson Elizabeth servant 9g
Robinson Mary H G.daughter 3g
Robinson Thomas servant 10l
Robson Ann head 11g
Robson Ellen wife 6l
Robson Thomas head 6l
Sadler Dorothy wife 11g
Sadler Elizabeth wife 2l
Sadler Thomas head 11g
Sadler William head 2l
Santon George head 6l
Santon George head 6l
Santon Jane wife 6l
Santon Margaret wife 6l
Santon Thomas son 6l
Santon William Henry son 6l
Scott David son 2l
Scott Agnes Watson daughter 2l
Scott Elizabeth daughter 2l
Scott Jane Young daughter 2l
Scott John head 2l
Scott Margaret daughter 2l
Scott or Watson Mary wife 2l
Scott Mary Ann daughter 2l
Scott William servant 1g
Sedgwick Christiana daughter 7l
Sedgwick Elizabeth wife 7l
Sedgwick Hannah Elizabeth daughter 7l
Sedgwick James son 7l
Sedgwick Jane Ann daughter 7l
Sedgwick Leonard Robert son 7l
Sedgwick Luke Lonsdale head 7l
Sherwood Catherine daughter 9l
Sherwood Catherine Jane mother 9l
Sherwood Edwin head 9l
Sherwood Samuel son 9l
Sherwood Sarah Ann wife 9l
Sherwood Susannah sister 9l
Sherwood Thomas brother 9l
Sherwood Walter son 9l
Sherwood William Henry son 9l
Shields Mary servant 1g
Simpson Elizabeth daughter 5g
Simpson John son 4l
Simpson John W son 5g
Simpson Martha wife 5g
Simpson Mary J daughter 5g
Smith Ann head 3g
Smith Ann head 6l
Smith Eliza daughter 6l
Smith Hannah Elizabeth servant 10l
Spence Christopher son 4g
Spence John head 4g
Spence Mary A wife 4g
Spence Dorothy Ellen daughter 6l
Spence George head 6l
Spence John George son 6l
Spence Mary wife 6l
Stamper John lodger 5g
Stapleton Ann wife 7l
Stapleton John head 4l
Stapleton Margaret wife 4l
Stapleton Thomas head 7l
Stelling Ann daughter 11l
Stelling Fanny wife 11l
Stelling Frances daughter 11l
Stelling Jane daughter 11l
Stelling Thomas head 11l
Stephenson Ann wife 6g
Stephenson George son 6g
Stephenson John son 6g
Stephenson Margaret daughter 6g
Stephenson Mary daughter 6g
Stephenson Robert head 6g
Stephenson Thomas son 6g
Sterling Jim nephew 5g
Story Prisilla servant 13g
Sturdy Jane servant 1g
Sturdy Susan servant 1g
Tattershall Isabella wife 13g
Tattershall Thomas head 13g
Taylor Ann Emma head 5l
Taylor Ann Emma daughter 5l
Taylor Christopher son 5g
Taylor Elizabeth servant 13g
Taylor E S N daughter 5l
Taylor George son 5g
Taylor Harriet daughter 5g
Taylor John Richard son 5l
Taylor Joseph son 5g
Taylor Mary wife 5g
Taylor Mary daughter 5l
Taylor William head 5g
Tessimond Alice Jane G.daughter 4l
Tessimond Ann daughter 4l
Thompson Ann daughter 6l
Thompson Catherine G.daughter 7g
Thompson Dinah daughter 8l
Thompson Edward son 8l
Thompson Elizabeth wife 6l
Thompson Elizabeth daughter 7l
Thompson Frances Hannah daughter 8l
Thompson George son 8l
Thompson Grace daughter 8l
Thompson Harry stepson 4g
Thompson Helen daughter 7l
Thompson Henrietta daughter 8l
Thompson Jane daughter 7g
Thompson John son 6l
Thompson John son 7l
Thompson John Thomason 8l
Thompson Louisa daughter 8l
Thompson Minnie daughter 6l
Thompson Robert head 6l
Thompson Samuel son 8l
Thompson Sarah Ann wife 8l
Thompson Sarah Ann daughter 8l
Thompson Thomas son in law7g
Thompson Thomas head 7l
Thompson Thomas head 8l
Thompson William servant 9g
Todd Anne wife 9g
Todd Betsy A daughter 9g
Todd Harriet daughter 9g
Todd James son 9g
Todd William head 9g
Turner Louise housekeeper 2g
Wain Elizabeth head 10l
Wain Michael son 10l
Walkington Alice daughter 11g
Walkington Annie daughter 11g
Walkington Robert head 11g
Walkington Sarah wife 11g
Ward Jane B head 11g
Warrior Ann head 5g
Warrior Margaret daughter 5g
Warrior Robert son 5g
Warrior William son 5g
Watts William visitor 10l
Webster Henry head 2g
Winn Edward head 4l
Wood Ann wife 4l
Wood Jane G.daughter 4l
Wood Thomas head 4l
Wright William servant 13g