ICH 1.11.05

Index of all names in the 1851 census for Great and Little Crakehall (surname first).

Names are followed by the status of the person in the household.

To find the full entry, click on the highlighted page number. g = Great Crakehall, l = Little Crakehall.

Aiskew Ellen servant 3g
Appleby Elizabeth servant 1g
Arrey Cathren visitor 6l
Arrey Mary visitor 6l
Atkinson William visitor 3g
Banks Christopher brother 3l
Banks Jane head 3l
Barker Christopher head 3l
Barker Eliza wife 3l
Barker Elizabeth daughter 7g
Barker Isabella wife 7g
Barker John head 7g
Barker Margaret daughter 7g
Barker Mary wife 7g
Barker Mary daughter 7g
Barker Thomas son 3l
Barker Thomas lodger 4l
Barker William son 3l
Barker William son 7g
Barker William head 7g
Barwick Jane head 1g
Barwick Jane grand-daughter 1g
Binks Jane servant 4g
Birker Ann servant 2g
Blades Ann wife 8l
Blades John head 8l
Blades John Thomas son 8l
Blades Robert apprentice 6g
Booth John servant 12l
Bradley Ellen daughter 3l
Bradley George head 3l
Bradley George son 3l
Bradley Hannah wife 3l
Bradley James son 3l
Bradley John son 3l
Bradley Miles son 3l
Bradley William son 3l
Braithwaite Ann daughter 1l
Braithwaite Ann daughter 5l
Braithwaite Ann wife 9l
Braithwaite Ann daughter 9l
Braithwaite Ann wife 9l
Braithwaite Ann daughter 11l
Braithwaite Elen visitor 9l
Braithwaite Elizabeth wife 5l
Braithwaite Hannah Maria daughter 11l
Braithwaite Isabelle wife 1l
Braithwaite Jane daughter 1l
Braithwaite John son 1l
Braithwaite John head 11l
Braithwaite John son 11l
Braithwaite Margaret daughter 1l
Braithwaite Margaret daughter 5l
Braithwaite Mary head 1l
Braithwaite Mary daughter 1l
Braithwaite Mary wife 11l
Braithwaite Phillip son 5l
Braithwaite Phillip head 9l
Braithwaite Phillip head 9l
Braithwaite Phillip son 11l
Braithwaite Sarah daughter 5l
Braithwaite Stephen son 1l
Braithwaite Stephen son 1l
Braithwaite Thomas head 5l
Braithwaite William servant 12l
Brown Christopher head 2l
Brown Christopher head 4l
Brown Henry son 2l
Brown Henry servant 12l
Brown Isabell daughter 4l
Brown Jane wife 2l
Brown Jane wife 4l
Brown John servant 12l
Brown Margaret wife 7l
Brown Margaret Jane daughter 4l
Brown Ralph son 2l
Brown Richard head 7l
Brown William son 2l
Bruister Richard grandson 13l
Calvert Elizabeth wife 8l
Calvert George head 8l
Carter John head 14l
Cartwright John servant 12l
Castling Ann wife 1g
Castling Christopher head 2g
Castling Elizabeth wife 2g
Castling Jane head 9l
Castling William son 9l
Clark Sarah servant 3g
Clarkson Christopher head 5g
Clarkson Margaret daughter 5g
Clayton Edward head 10l
Clayton Emily daughter 10l
Clayton Jane daughter 10l
Clayton Julia daughter 10l
Clayton Susan wife 10l
Coates Easton head 13l
Coates George son 13l
Colling Mary Ann daughter 15l
Colling Sarah wife 15l
Colling Sarah daughter 15l
Colling William head 15l
Colling William son 15l
Corner Elizabeth servant 3g
Crooke Ann servant 3g
Davison Elizabeth S. daughter 2l
Davison George son 2l
Davison Margaret wife 2l
Davison Margaret daughter 2l
Davison Robert head 2l
Davison Robert son 2l
Dellicate Francis son in law 4l
Dent Mary servant 3g
Dobson Andrew nephew 4g
Dobson Elizabeth wife 4g
Dobson Henry head 4g
Dumvill Eliza daughter 3g
Dumvill George son 3g
Dumvill Harriet wife 3g
Dumvill Joseph head 3g
Dumvill Joseph son 3g
Eden Ann head 7l
Eden Arabbella daughter 7l
Eden Mary daughter 7l
Elmore Robert visitor's servant 2g
Fawcett Ann servant 1g
Fishburn James son 3l
Fishburn Jane head 13l
Fishburn Jane daughter 13l
Fishburn Margaret head 4l
Fishburn William servant 1g
Fisher Jane visitor 13l
Gale Elizabeth sister 14l
Gale Elizabeth wife4g
Gale John head 14l
Gale Mary daughter 4g
Gale Robert head 4g
Garbut Bridget mother 8l
Green Mary Ann head 4g
Hague Ann servant 3g
Hall Ann wife 4l
Hall Ann daughter 3g
Hall Christopher head 2g
Hall Elizabeth wife 10l
Hall George head 4l
Hall Hannah daughter 4l
Hall Helleanor wife 3g
Hall Henry servant 2g
Hall James son 3g
Hall Jane daughter 10l
Hall Jane daughter 3g
Hall Margaret daughter 10l
Hall Margaret daughter 3g
Hall Procter head 3g
Hall Stephen head 10l
Hall William son 10l
Harland George head 8l
Harland Jane wife 8l
Harland Margaret daughter 8l
Harnby Christopher son 6g
Harnby Elizabeth daughter 6g
Harnby John head 6g
Harnby Mary daughter 6g
Harnby Miles son 6g
Harnby Sarah wife 6g
Harnby Simpson son 6g
Harnby William son 6g
Hawkswill Ann daughter 2l
Hawkswill Dorothy wife 2l
Hawkswill Ellen daughter 2l
Hawkswill James head 2l
Hawkswill James son 2l
Hawkswill Thomas son 2l
Herring Jane head 8l
Hey Elizabeth Ann daughter 11l
Hobson Eliza wife 4l
Hobson Mathew head 4l
Holmes Elizabeth wife 4g
Holmes John head 3g
Holmes Samuel son 4g
Hombler Alice wife 4l
Hombler Joseph head 4l
Homler George son 7l
Homler John head 7l
Homler Joseph son 7l
Homler Margaret wife 7l
Homler Mary daughter 7l
Homler Thomas son 7l
Hudson Henry head 7l
Hudson Mary Ann daughter 7l
Hudson Phillis wife 7l
Hudson William brother in law 6l
Hunter Jane visitor 2l
Huson Francis servant 2g
Ibbotson Anne wife 4g
Ibbotson Anne daughter 4g
Ibbotson Elizabeth daughter 4g
Ibbotson Henrietta daughter 4g
Ibbotson Thomas R head 4g
Jackson Elizabeth daughter 14l
Jackson Ellen daughter 14l
Jackson Jane wife 14l
Jackson Jane daughter 14l
Jackson Jonathan head 14l
Jackson Jonathan son 14l
Jackson Mary daughter 14l
Jackson William son 14l
Johnson Ann servant 12l
Johnson Christopher son 5l
Johnson Elizabeth wife 5l
Johnson Elizabeth wife 1g
Johnson James head 5l
Johnson Jane -blank- 5l
Johnson John head 1g
Langstaff Elizabeth wife 14l
Langstaff John head 14l
Langstaff John son 14l
Langstaff Robert son 14l
Langstaff Thomas son 14l
Langstaff William son 14l
Linskey John servant 1l
Linskill Ann wife 11l
Linskill James Shillito son 11l
Linskill Joseph son 11l
Linskill Mark head 11l
Lonsdale Charles son 1l
Lonsdale Francis son 1l
Lonsdale Hannah head 1l
Madden Mary servant 1l
Marshall Ann niece 1g
Marshall Jane head 1g
Mickill Ann servant 5g
Musgrave Frances housekeeper 6l
Musgrave Jane sister 6l
Musgrave John son6l
Musgrave Leonard head 6l
Musgrave Leonard son 6l
Musgrave Mary wife 6l
Musgrave Mathew son 6l
Musgrave Mathew servant 6l
Musgrave Richard son 6l
Musgrave Simon son 6l
Musgrave Thomas head6l
Musgrave William son 6l
Musgrave William visitor 10l
Musgrove Jack servant 1l
Musgrove Mary visitor 1l
Nevison Elizabeth servant 4g
Nicholson William servant 2g
Pattison Dorothy Ann daughter 6l
Pattison Elizabeth wife 6l
Pattison Jane wife 8l
Pattison John head 5l
Pattison Mary daughter 8l
Pattison Mary wife 8l
Pattison Robert head 8l
Pattison Robert son 8l
Pattison William head 8l
Pattison William son 8l
Pattison William Remmer son 8l
Peacock Eliza visitor 1l
Pearson Hannah wife 13l
Pearson Hannah daughter 13l
Pearson Jane daughter 13l
Pearson Margaret daughter 13l
Pearson Richard head 13l
Pearson Robert son 13l
Pickard Elenor sister 8l
Pickering George lodger 1g
Pinkney Elizabeth daughter 5g
Pinkney Hannah wife 5g
Pinkney Hannah daughter 5g
Pinkney Mary daughter 5g
Pinkney William son 5g
Prentice James servant 2g
Procter Elen head 5l
Procter Jane visitor 1g
Procter John son 5l
Procter William son 5l
Pulleine Annie C wife 2g
Pulleine Georgianna E daughter 2g
Race Benjamin head 12l
Race Benjamin son 12l
Race Byers son 12l
Race Mary daughter 12l
Ramsden Mary head 2g
Ramsden Mary daughter 2g
Ramsden Zilla daughter 2g
Remmer John head 8l
Rimer Jane Ann daughter 4g
Rimer Mary Ann wife 4g
Rimer Matthew head 4g
Robinson Ellen servant 2l
Robinson Hannah head 2g
Robson Eden wife 3l
Robson Elizabeth boarder 2g
Robson Ellen wife 4l
Robson Ellen daughter 4l
Robson John son 3l
Robson Thomas head 3l
Robson Thomas head 4l
Rowland George lodger 9l
Sadler Ann head 6l
Sadler Dorothy wife 5g
Sadler Elizabeth wife 7g
Sadler George head 9l
Sadler George son 1g
Sadler Henry M son 1g
Sadler Jane wife 1g
Sadler John son 5g
Sadler Joseph son 7g
Sadler Margaret daughter 7g
Sadler Martha wife 9l
Sadler Mary daughter 9l
Sadler Mary daughter 5g
Sadler Mary Anne daughter 1g
Sadler Robert head 1g
Sadler Robert son 1g
Sadler Thomas head 9l
Sadler Thomas son 1g
Sadler Thomas head 5g
Sadler William son 9l
Sadler William head 7g
Scurrah Bradley son 6g
Scurrah Charles Castling son 5l
Scurrah Jane wife 5l
Scurrah John head 5l
Scurrah Joseph head 5g
Scurrah Joseph son 5g
Scurrah Martha daughter 5g
Scurrah William Castling son 5l
Sedgwick Elizabeth daughter 13l
Sedgwick Grace daughter 13l
Sedgwick Hannah daughter 13l
Sedgwick Jane head 13l
Sedgwick Luke son 13l
Sedgwick Robert son 13l
Sherwood Catherine wife 12l
Sherwood Edwin son 12l
Sherwood Henry head 12l
Sherwood Mary daughter 12l
Sherwood Mary visitor 12l
Sherwood Susanah daughter 12l
Sherwood Thomas son 12l
Simpson John lodger 6g
Simpson Sarah niece 6g
Slater George servant 2l
Smith Ann head 4l
Smith George son 4l
Spark Charles son 1l
Spark Joseph head 1l
Spark Margaret wife 1l
Stanhope Amy A visitor 2g
Stapleton John lodger 1g
Stapylton Ann wife 9g
Stapylton Mary wife 9g
Stapylton Thomas (I) head 9g
Stapylton Thomas (II) head 9g
Stelling Dinah servant 11l
Stockdale Mary servant 9l
Stockdale William son 9l
Temple Frances lodger 7l
Temple James lodger 7l
Temple John lodger 7l
Thompson John son 4l
Thompson Mary Ann servant 3g
Tomkinson Jane wife 5g
Tomkinson Richard head 5g
Trotter Ralph servant 12l
Tunstel Jane head 6g
Walker Anthony son 7g
Walker Jane daughter 6g
Walker John son 6g
Walker Mary Ann wife 6g
Walker Pybus son 7g
Walker Samuel head 6g
Walker Sarah daughter 7g
Walker Tristram head 6g
Walker William son 6g
Walker William son 6g
Walton Ann C wife 10l
Walton Mary daughter 10l
Walton Samuel son 10l
Walton William head 10l
Webster Elizabeth sister 5g
Webster Henry head 5g
Webster Jane sister 5g
White Elizabeth head 9l
White Elizabeth daughter 10l
White Grace daughter 10l
White Isabelle daughter 10l
White James son 10l
White Martin son 10l
White Richard son 9l
White William son 9l
Wilkinson Ann head 3l
Wilkinson William son 3l
Wilson John head 2g
Wilson Mary wife 2g
Winn Edward head 7l
Winn Ann daughter 9l