ICH 1.01.07

Surname index to the 1891 census of Great and Little Crakehall

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Allison Ann Elizabeth daughter 6l
Allison Grace head 6l
Allison Henrietta Allan daughter 6l
Allison John servant 1l
Atkinson Annie daughter 4l
Atkinson Margaret head 6l
Austen Harry grandson 7g
Banks Martha head 5l
Barrett Elizabeth head 8g
Barrett John George son 8g
Barrett William Thomas son 8g
Bate Dorothy wife 3g
Bate James head 3g
Bell Robert head 4g
Benson Dorothy Ann head 5g
Benson Hannah servant 8g
Bentley Elizabeth visitor 1l
Blow Mary Ann head 3g
Bott Harriet mother 4g
Bott Joseph head 4g
Bott Sarah Jane boarder 5g
Bowers Ada Florence wife 1g
Bowers Arthur Henry son 1g
Bowers Christopher Samuel head 1g
Bowes Lydia head 5l
Braithwaite Jane head 5l
Braithwaite John son 5l
Braithwaite Philip son 5l
Brown Christopher head 3g
Brown Elizabeth daughter 6l
Brown Fred son 6l
Brown Hannah head 4g
Brown James M. grandson 5g
Brown John head 6l
Brown Joseph son 6l
Brown Margaret Ann wife 3g
Brown Mary Ann wife 6l
Brown William son 4g
Brown William son 6l
Butler Isabelle sister 1g
Cannon Christopher D. head 6g
Cannon Margaret wife 6g
Carter Hannah head 7g
Chapman Mary Elizabeth daughter 9g
Chapman Mary S. wife 9g
Chapman Thomas S. son 9g
Chapman Wiliam son 9g
Chapman William head 9g
Collins Margaret head 6g
Dandy William servant 8g
Dinsdale Henry head 9g
Dinsdale James son 9g
Dinsdale John visitor 2l
Dinsdale Mark servant 8g
Dinsdale Rachel wife 9g
Dixon Richard servant 1l
Dodson Edna servant 8g
Douthwaite Hannah wife 8g
Douthwaite John head 8g
Douthwaite Mary Hannah daughter 8g
Driver Agnes W. daughter 5g
Driver Mary Adine grandaughter 5g
Early Charles head 7g
Early Charlotte daughter 7g
Early Elizabeth wife 7g
Early Elizabeth daughter 7g
Early John grandson 7g
Ellerton Eleanor Elizabeth servant 1g
Foyley Patrick servant 2l
Freeman John head 1l
Freeman Millie wife 1l
Gann Edward head 1g
Garrett Annie head 8g
Glenister Arthur William servant 7g
Gowland William head 4g
Graham Martha head 7g
Graham William son 7g
Grainger Francis Ann servant 1l
Grange Jane Ann wife 3g
Grange William head 3g
Hall Frederick servant 8g
Hall Jane Ann niece 4l
Hall Mabel G. grand-niece 4l
Hancock Elizabeth wife 6g
Hancock Frederick George son 6g
Hancock George head 6g
Hancock Gertrude Hannah daughter 6g
Hancock William son 6g
Hardaker George head 5l
Hardaker Margaret wife 5l
Hardaker Mary daughter 5l
Harker Robert servant 8g
Harland Catherine head 3g
Harrison Ann mother 1l
Harrison Mary head 2g
Hatty Florence niece 4g
Hatty Mabel niece 4g
Hatty Margaret sister 4g
Hawkswell Arthur grand-son 5l
Hawkswell Dorothy wife 5l
Hawkswell Dorothy grand-daughter 5l
Hawkswell Harriet daughter 5l
Hawkswell James head 5l
Healey John servant 8g
Heugh Annie daughter 8g
Heugh Frank son 8g
Heugh Jane Isabel daughter 8g
Heugh John head 8g
Heugh Margaret M. daughter 8g
Heugh Mary Elizabeth wife 8g
Heugh Mary Elizabeth daughter 8g
Hewson Margaret head 4l
Hobson Arthur lodger 3l
Hobson Cecily Elizabeth Ellen daughter 6g
Hobson Frances Mary Ann daughter 6g
Hobson Frederick son 3l
Hobson Margaret wife 6g
Hobson Martha head 3l
Hobson Sarah daughter 6g
Hobson Thomas head 6g
Hobson Thomas servant 1l
Hobson Thomas E. lodger 3l
Hodgson Amos head 4g
Hodgson Eliza wife 4g
Hodgson Elizabeth Ann daughter 4g
Hodgson Matthew John son 4g
Holland George head 4g
Holland George grandson 4g
Holland Harry boarder 4g
Holland Jane daughter 4g
Holland Thomas head 3g
Homler Margaret head 5g
Homler Mary daughter 5g
Homler Matthew grandson 5g
Hudson Annie L.M. daughter 4l
Hudson Edith daughter 1l
Hudson Elizabeth wife 4l
Hudson Florence Isabel daughter 4l
Hudson James head 5l
Hudson Jane Ann head 1g
Hudson Louisa daughter 1l
Hudson Matilda Louisa head 1l
Hudson Robert R. head 4l
Hudson Sarah daughter 1l
Hudson Walfod Lomax son 4l
Hutchinson Ann mother 5l
Hutchinson John son 4l
Hutchinson Sarah wife 4l
Hutchinson Thomas head 4l
Hutchinson William father 4l
Ingram Annie E. servant 8g
Jackson Ellen daughter in law 7g
Jackson Henry brother 6l
Jackson Jane wife 7g
Jackson Jonathan head 7g
Jackson Robert son 7g
Jameson Ann B. wife 4l
Jameson Christopher B. head 4l
Jameson Nathan servant 8g
Johnson Arthur son 3g
Johnson Ingram head 3g
Johnson John son 3g
Johnson Robert grandson 3g
Johnson Sarah wife 3g
Johnson Wilfred grandson 3g
Jones Albert Oswald head 6l
Jones Ann wife 6l
Kettlewell Dorothy wife 2l
Kettlewell Edward son 2l
Kettlewell Mary Ann wife 9g
Kettlewell Matilda daughter 9g
Kettlewell Richard head 2l
Kettlewell Timothy head 9g
Kitchen Jane servant 2l
Lambert Curlinda servant 9g
Langstaff Ann wife 2l
Langstaff George nephew 2l
Langstaff Thomas head 2l
Langstaff Thomas son 2l
Lawson Alice grand-daughter 4l
Lawson Annie wife 5g
Lawson Annie daughter 5g
Lawson Arthur son 4l
Lawson Catharine wife 6l
Lawson Catharine daughter 6l
Lawson Francis Valentine head 5g
Lawson Francis Victor son 5g
Lawson Fred son 4l
Lawson Jane wife 4l
Lawson John head 3l
Lawson John William grand-son 4l
Lawson Kate daughter 5g
Lawson Margaret daughter 5g
Lawson Margaret Isobel wife 3l
Lawson Robert James son 5g
Lawson Thomas boarder 5l
Lawson Thomas head 6l
Lawson Thomas son 6l
Lawson Thomas William son 5g
Lawson William head 4l
Leake Hannah daughter 1g
Leake Hilda daughter 6g
Leake Isabella wife 1g
Leake Jane Elizabeth wife 6g
Leake John head 6g
Leake John Robert son 6g
Leake Robert head 1g
Leake Sarah Ann daughter 1g
Linskill James Shilleto head 1g
Linskill Mary wife 1g
Loadman Ann head 1g
Loadman Hannah wife 9g
Loadman James brother 2l
Loadman John son 9g
Loadman Leonard nephew 9g
Loadman Margaret wife 2l
Loadman Martha Isabella daughter 9g
Loadman Mary daughter 9g
Loadman Thomas head 2l
Loadman William head 9g
Loadman William son 9g
Lockey Albert son 3g
Lockey Arthur grandson 1g
Lockey Emma wife 5g
Lockey Fran k son 3g
Lockey Fred son 3g
Lockey Mabel daughter 5g
Lockey Mary head 3g
Lockey Mary Jane daughter 3g
Lockey Robert head 5g
Lockey Robert head 6l
Lockey Thomas son 3g
Mackown John head 5l
Mackown Margaret wife 5l
Mackown Thomas son 5l
Massey Emily Mary servant 1g
Metcalfe Fred son 9g
Metcalfe Henry I. son 9g
Metcalfe Jane Ann daughter 9g
Metcalfe John head 9g
Metcalfe Margaret Ann wife 9g
Michell Mary daughter 8g
Montgomery Gertrude Edna adopted sister 2g
Morton Arthur son 2g
Morton Elizabeth Hannah daughter 2g
Morton Frederic Robert son 2g
Morton Mary Ann wife 2g
Morton Robinson head 2g
Morton Robinson son 2g
Moss Isabel servant 8g
Mudd Annie wife 3l
Mudd Grace daughter 3l
Mudd Jane daughter 3l
Mudd Margaret daughter 3l
Mudd Matthew M. head 3l
Mudd Nellie daughter 3l
Mudd William daughter 3l
Musgrave Ann wife 3l
Musgrave Emily daughter 3l
Musgrave Frances daughter in law 3l
Musgrave George son 3l
Musgrave Jane visitor 4l
Musgrave Mary head 3l
Musgrave Mary daughter 3l
Musgrave Mary Elizabeth grand daughter 3l
Musgrave Thomas head 3l
Musgrave Thomas son 3l
Musgrave William son 3l
Musgrove Thomas servant 9g
Musgrove William servant 9g
Naylor Thomas servant 1l
Nelson Emily daughter 2g
Nelson Frances daughter 2g
Nelson Gertrude daughter 2g
Nelson Harriet visitor 1g
Nelson Isabella daughter 2g
Nelson James son 2g
Nelson John son 2g
Nelson Louisa daughter 2g
Nelson Margaret wife 2g
Nelson Thomas Gott head 2g
Newsone Benjamin head 1l
Newsone Hannah Elizabeth daughter 1l
Newsone Mary wife 1l
Newsone Mary daughter 1l
Nicholson Annie wife 1g
Nicholson Anthony son 2g
Nicholson Florence daughter 1g
Nicholson Isabella daughter 1g
Nicholson Joseph head 1g
Nicholson Martha daughter 1g
Nicholson Richard Rob. son 2g
Nolan William boarder 1l
Oselton Alfred servant 7l
Patterson Mary lodger 7g
Payne James servant 1l
Pinkney Charles son 6g
Pinkney Edith daughter 6g
Pinkney Emma wife 6g
Pinkney Hannah wife 1g
Pinkney John (junior) head 6g
Pinkney John (senior) head 1g
Pinkney John Thomas son 6g
Pinkney William son 6g
Pratt Elizabeth wife 4g
Pratt Jane servant 1g
Pratt Peter head 4g
Pullan Charles Edwin head 7l
Pullan Hannah wife 7l
Raven Thomas Melville head 1g
Render Thomas servant 1l
Rhymer Mary Ann wife 5g
Rhymer Matthew head 5g
Riston Minnie servant 8g
Robinson Frank servant 1g
Robinson Hannah wife 5l
Robinson William head 5l
Robson Albinca Clarissa wife 7g
Robson Charlotte Albinca daughter 7g
Robson Henry head 7g
Robson James Pickering son 7g
Scott John head 5g
Scott Margaret daughter 5g
Scott Mary wife 5g
Sedgwick Christiana daughter 5l
Sedgwick Elizabeth wife 5l
Sedgwick Elizabeth H. daughter 5l
Sedgwick Jane Ann daughter 5l
Sedgwick John William son 5l
Sedgwick Luke Lonsdale head 5l
Shackleton Amy servant 8g
Sharper William stepfather 3g
Sherwood Annie Elizabeth daughter 2l
Sherwood Edwin head 2l
Sherwood Edwin Charles son 2l
Sherwood Frederick George son 2l
Sherwood Henrietta wife 6l
Sherwood Sarah Anne wife 2l
Sherwood Thomas Horatio brother 2l
Sherwood Walter head 6l
Simpson Hannah wife 7l
Simpson John head 7l
Smedley Martha niece 3l
Smith Alice wife 4g
Smith Ann head 3g
Smith Emily wife 5g
Smith Emily May daughter 5g
Smith Ethel Mary daughter 5g
Smith John head 7l
Smith Margaret wife 7l
Smith Peter head 4g
Smith Sarah Ellen daughter 7l
Smith William Conrad Birell head 5g
Spence Annie daughter 1l
Spence Anthony son 1l
Spence Ellen head 1l
Stapleton Frances head 6l
Stelling Catharine daughter 3l
Stelling Elizabeth daughter 2l
Stelling Fanny wife 2l
Stelling Frances Annie grand daughter 2l
Stelling Francis W. son 2l
Stelling John son 3l
Stelling Lupton head 2l
Stelling Martha daughter 3l
Stelling Martha E. wife 2l
Stelling Ralph Thompson head 2g
Stelling Thomas head 2l
Stelling Thomas son 3l
Stephenson Elizabeth wife 6g
Stephenson Eveline servant 7g
Stephenson George son 7g
Stephenson Margaret daughter 6g
Stephenson Robert head 6g
Taylor Harriet daughter 3g
Taylor John head 4l
Taylor Joseph grandson 3g
Taylor Mary sister 4l
Taylor William head 3g
Tessimond John T. step-son 4l
Tessimond William step-son 4l
Thomas Jane head 4l
Thompson Elizabeth wife 6g
Thompson Elizabeth wife 6l
Thompson Elizabeth B. grand-daughter 6l
Thompson Ellen daughter 6l
Thompson Ellen B. daughter 6l
Thompson Eva Violetta daughter 6g
Thompson George son 2g
Thompson Herbert son 2g
Thompson Horace son 6l
Thompson James stepson 7g
Thompson Jane wife 2g
Thompson Lilly grandaughter 3g
Thompson Lily daughter 6l
Thompson Mary daughter 6g
Thompson Reuben head 6g
Thompson Robert son 2g
Thompson Robert head 6l
Thompson Thomas head 2g
Thompson Thomas son 2g
Thompson Thomas head 6l
Tindale John head 4l
Tindale Mary wife 4l
Tomlinson Elizabeth wife 5g
Tomlinson Henry head 5g
Topham Ann Ellen daughter 7g
Topham John Thomas son 7g
Topham Margaret visitor 5l
Topham Mary Ann wife 7g
Topham Thomas head 7g
Tunstall Arthur son 2g
Tunstall Fred son 2g
Tunstall Mary wife 2g
Tunstall Robert W. Wm. son 2g
Tunstall Thomas head 2g
Wain Elizabeth mother 2l
Wain Michael head 2l
Ward Alfred son 9g
Ward Jane head 4g
Ward John head 9g
Ward Margaret wife 9g
Ward Margaret A. daughter 9g
Warrior Alice daughter 4g
Warrior Ann mother 4g
Warrior Catherine daughter 4g
Warrior Elizabeth daughter 4g
Warrior John head 3g
Warrior Margaret daughter 4g
Warrior Mary wife 3g
Warrior Mary daughter 3g
Warrior William son 4g
Watkinson Margaret H. niece 1l
Waygood Susan servant 8g
Waygood William J.A. servant 8g
Weighell Frank servant 1l
Wells Mark servant 2l
White James servant 5l
Wilson Mary Ann servant 7g
Winter Henry servant 2l
Winter Thomas boarder 1l
Woollam George servant 8g
Worrall Catherine Jane Lodger(wife) 1g
Worrall Thomas Pryse Lodger (Hd) 1g