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North Riding Quarter Sessions Records, 1606 -1677

These summaries are abstracted from the volumes published by the North Riding Record Society. The originals are at the North Yorkshire Records Office, Northallerton. A guide to the complete range of Quarter Sessions Records was published in the North Riding Record Office Annual Reports for 1968, 69 and 70, now out of print.

The records abstracted here are taken from the Minute and Order Books. These record the proceedings and decisions of the Quarter Sessions court, which was held in Richmond, Malton, Thirsk, Northallerton or Helmsley at different times. Most, but not all, the cases concerning Crakehall people were heard at Richmond or Thirsk.

16O6 Richmond, October 13th
Brian Stapleton, gent., of Bedale for forcibly taking away from a certain close of our Lord the King at Bristoll within the Constablery of Crakehall,certain pieces of timber and other wood to value 7s.

1607-8 Malton, January 12th
Dorothy Clarke of Crakehall 'for that she hath decayed an husbandry and made it a cottage '. [ this is a prosecution under the Statute of Husbandry and Tillage, 39 Eliz. which sought to prevent a landlord removing arable land that belonged, by customary right, to a cottage, in order to use it as sheep pasture ].

1607-8 Richmond, January 15th
William Jackson of Crakehall, the elder, for erecting a cottage, not lying any ground to it, in the possession of John Tomlin, and also for decaying one tenement in the possession of John Beckwith; and for buying barley to make malt to sell without a license.

George Story of Crakehall for decaying one tenement in the possession of Anne Sickline.

James Richardson for continuing one cottage erectedby the late George Symondson, not laying any ground to it; and for decaying one tenement in Crakehall in the possession of Rob.Symondson.

1608 Thirsk, April 15th
George Story of Crakehall for giving more wages etc.

Anne Sickline , Brewster , of Crakehall for brewing without a license.

1608 Richmond, July 15th
William Jackson, yeoman of Crakehall for giving greater wages to his servants than are proclaimed, to the predjudice of others etc. ( per John Dodsworth and Thos.Jackson : Cap.Const.)

1608 Richmond, October 12th
Forasmuch as the alehouse keepers of the North Riding do contemptuously refuse to take licenses for brewing according to the late statute, and yet nevertheless have continued brewing to sell without license ............. every alehousekeeper so brewing without license shall pay 2s to his Majesty's use, and also shall be summoned by writ to appear at the next sessions' (Northallerton,12 Jan 1608/9)

1610 Topcliffe, October 2nd
Robert Story of Crakehall for neglecting his turn to watch.

1610 Thirsk , April 17th
Constables of Crakehalls, Will.Clapham and Will.Clarke, for negligence.

1610-11 Richmond, January 11th
Batholomew Jackson of Newton Morker,gent., Geo.Jackon and Christopher Jackson of the same, gents, Chas.Smith of Northallerton,tailor, Roger Well of Brompton, butcher, Rob.Tolson of same, cordwayner, for a riotous affray at East Brompton and assault on John Lucas etc.

The said John Lucas of L.Brompton, Bailiffe of East Hang, for entering the stable of Geo.Jackson and taking a saddle, value 6s8d, putting it on horse of Bart.Jackson and taking it away.

George Whitehorne of Crakehall for using the trade of usury, taking 3s in the pound, etc

1611 Thirsk, April 3rd
William Jackson, Constable of Crakehall, for not appearing at the Petty Sessions.

1611 Richmond, July 9th
John Clarke, Great Crakehall, for not observing the watch etc.

1612 Thirsk, April 21st
Geo.Cooke, Constable of Crakehalls, for not appearing at the Petty Sessions.

1619 Thirsk, September 30th . Register of Recusants
Rob.Scott, labourer, Crakehall

1622 Richmond, July 12th
Peace sworn against three men by a Crakehall yeoman.

1624 Richmond, October 5th
Register of Recusants includes Dorothy Clarke, widow, of Little Crakehall.

1626 Northallerton, April 19th
Ordered that Margery, wife of Miles Metcalfe of Crakehall be set in the stocks at Bedale, in full market time, with a paper on her head written with great letters - I sit here in the stocks for beating my own mother - and there shall remain until such time as she shall sit down upon her knees and submit herself to her mother and crave her blessing.

1627 Thirsk, April 4th
Inhabitants of Bedale and Crakehall for not repairing the King's street between those places at a place called Rand Pasture.

1632 Richmond, July 13th
A Crakehall yeoman for stopping up a footway at Kirkbrigg Closes, being an ancient footway between Langthorne and Bedale for church and market etc.

1634 Thirsk, April 6th
Appointment of John Lucas of Little Crakehall gent., High Constable for Hang East, vice Geo.Binkes, gent.

The civil war caused great disruption during this period. A note made in the Minutes Book on March 18th, 1643, reports that no Sessions had been held since the one at Bedale on July 15th, 1642 , "Forasmuch as the North Riding hath bene sore troubled with several armies of soldiers"

1648 Thirsk , Oct 3rd
Whereas James Awderson and Rich.Collings, late Chief Constables for Gilling West, Tho.Jobson and Geo.Dodsworth for Hang West, John Lucas and Tym.Brasse for Hang East, Chr.Smithson and Symon Willey for Gilling East and Will.Raper and Geo.Burniston for Hallikeld have much money of the country's in their hands unaccounted for, which they collected for leadeing of ships timbers; and that the same hath not been employed as intended and this court ordering that such sums as they have in their possession to be paid to the next J.P. to be disposed of as this court appointed, which they have neglected to do, the court requires the Bailiffs of the Wapontakes of Richmondshire where the said gents. dwell to carry them before the next J.P. to become bound etc.

1650 Thirsk, Oct 1st
Upon grounds laid down in the petition, the Grange of Rand to be taken into the charge of the Constablery of Bedale and assessed according to the proportion of the ancient rent of £6-13-4, or the true value thereof, until the inhabitants of Crakehall shall make it appear that the same was anciently parcel, and of right did belong to that Constablery, provided always that Bedale be assessed after their ancient rate over and besides the said sum for Rand.

1651 Helmsley, July 8th
Upon a full hearing of the matter at variance between the inhabitants of the two Crakehalls in Bedale and John Peirse jun.(son of John Peirse esq.) owner of the Grange or place called Rand in the same parish, this day in presence of Council learned,on behalf of the said inhabitants, and John Peirse senior, on behalf of his said son, upon examination of the witnesses the court is fully satisfied that the said grange is not parcell of the Constablery of Crakehall, nor ever was contributory to the said constables rates, before the time that the late Earl of Newcastle's army overpowered this County, at which time it was drawn to be assistant to the said Constablery in the public charges imposed upon them ......... but it is conceived to have evidently been a distinct constablery in itself and to have been depopulated, the said grange is not to be charged in any assessment of Crakehall but shall be a distinct Constablery in itself.

1652 Thirsk, Oct.5th
The inhabitants of Bedale for not repairing a bridge between Langthorne and Bedale.

1653 Bedale, July 19th
Three men of Newton Willowes for unjustly taking and driving away 50 sheep of the common sheeprack of Great Crakehall.

1659/60 Richmond, January 15th
The owners and occupiers of the land in Rand Grange to pay and be assessed as in all rates as they were in 1640, or before, with the owners and inhabitants of the Constablery of Crakehalls, if they show not cause at the next sessions.

1672/3 Richmond, January 21st
Parish Officers of Crakehalls ambo to pay 8d weekly to a Little Crakehall man towards maintaining himself and his children until they show good cause etc.

1673/4 Richmond, January 20th
Forasmuch as this court is informed that there is no Churchwarden or Overseer of the poor in Little Crakehall, - ordered that the inhabitants do forthwith provide a convenient habitation for a poor man who that several times complained to this court for remedy herein.

1676/7 Richmond January 21st
Richard Tennant of Crakehall to be sworn Chief Constable for Hang East

1677 Thirsk, October 2nd
Whereas it was formerly ordered that Rich.Tennant of Crakehall should be C.C. for Hang East, he hath shewn such cause that this court is pleased to acquit him from said office. Henry Lucas of Crakehall to be sworn C.C. for Hang East.

1701 Thirsk, April 29th
The house of Henry Clarke of Great Crakehall set apart for worship by Quakers.

List of Crakehall men appearing as jurors at the Quarter Sessions, 1607-1703

Until 1692, only men with freehold property worth at least £4 per year were eligible for jury service. From 1692 until 1730, this rose to £10 p.a. Only after 1730 were substantial leaseholders added to the list.

1607-1656 :
Robert Allison, yeoman, Crakehall - 1626
George Chapman, yeoman, Crakehall - 1636
Richard Clapham, yeoman, [ Great Crakehall ] - 1625, 1632, 1633
Robert Clapham, [ Great Crakehall ] - 1657
John Clarke, yeoman, Little Crakehall - 1622, 1677
William Clarke, yeoman, Little Crakehall - 1610, 1611, 1622, 1625, 1628
Robert Collinson, yeoman, [ Great Crakehall ? ] - 1618, 1620, 1625
Christopher Harrison, yeoman, [ Little Crakehall ] - 1636
Francis Harrison, yeoman (later, gent.), [ Little Crakehall ] - 1626, 1634, 1645, 1655
Henry Lucas, yeoman, Little Crakehall - 1610, 1619, 1621, 1622, 1624, 1625, 1627, 1657
John Lucas, yeoman, Little Crakehall - 1631, 1632, 1633, 1634, 1645, 1649, 1655
Miles Metcalfe, gent., Great Crakehall - 1628
Richard Mitchell, yeoman (later, gent.), Little Crakehall - 1607, 1610, 1611, 1612, 1619, 1624, 1625, 1626, 1631, 1632, 1634, 1639,
Robert Mitchell, gent. [ Little Crakehall ] - 1623
Thomas Mudd, yeoman, Crakehall - 1634, 1635, 1636
Richard Newsam, yeoman, Crakehall - 1626
John Tailor, yeoman, Crakehall - 1622, 1623

1657 - 1677 :
John Mason
Joseph Mason
Christopher Pickering
Thomas Pickering
Henry Story
William Ward
John Warton

1677 - 1703 :
Edward Burrel
Robert Carter
William Inchboard
William Jackson
Thomas Mason
Thomas Pickering
Christopher Richardson
John Storer
William Storer
Henry Story
William Story
Thomas Ward

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