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Marriages of people from Crakehall and Langthorne recorded in the Bedale Parish Registers 1576-1601

Arranged by groom's name, alphabetically

Names are transcribed as written in the register. When identified, the place of birth is abbreviated as follows :
GC - Great Crakehall
LC - Little Crakehall
L - Langthorne

Browse the marriages arranged alphabetically by groom's surname below, or go to the alphabetical list of brides' surnames, or go to the the list arranged by year

groom's surname first name bride's surname first name date place groom's abode if different
Allan James Storey Elizabeth 16.4.01 GC  
Allen Edward Collinson Elizabeth 29.7.85 GC  
Amgill Thomas Pearson Margaret 12.8.88 L  
Appleby Robert Coles Margaret 19.7.84 L  
Barker Francis Sadler Margaret 14.7.84 L  
Bink William Storey Isabel 16.5.94 C  
Chanley Thomas Wind Lucy 18.7.96 C Ripley
Clapham Adam Richardson Elizabeth 23.11.88 GC  
Clapham John Clark Margaret 22.7.76 LC  
Clapham Robert Jackson Elizabeth 18.11.76 GC  
Clark Richard Mason Isabel 25.11.76 LC  
Clark Thomas Young Alice 21.1.83 LC  
Collinson Robert Allayne Ann 9.5.98 GC  
Day John Jackson Isabella 2.12.92 GC  
Ellis Richard Granger Margaret 15.6.00 GC  
Gill John Walker Agnes 28.7.77    
Gill Richard Acrige Lucy 10.2.79 GC  
Gill William Nelson Katherine 9.6.80 GC  
Granger John Wynd Alice 3.11.78 GC  
Hall John Jackson Margaret 8.5.99 LC Brunton
Harrison John Richardson Barbara 1.5.90 GC  
Harrison Thomas Lumley Isabel 13.6.85 LC  
Heaviside John Whitton Maria 9.9.93 C  
Husband William Harrison Elizabeth 24.11.79 LC  
Jack William Abbotthwaite Jane 24.8.00 L  
Jackson Henry Liddell Margaret 17.1.1600 Aiskew C
Jackson John Hauxwell Margaret 26.10.77 GC  
Jackson William Storey Janet 2.7.81 GC  
Johnson James Jackson Elizabeth 23.7.98 GC  
Johnson John Hawe Elizabeth 10.12.77    
Kemp Thomas Harrison Alice 18.10.91 L  
Lamb Simon Clark Lucy 24.5.01 C  
Langstaff John Clarkson Alice 19.11.87 L  
Langstaff Ralph Clarkson Elizabeth 19.5.79 L  
Lucas Peter Thwaite Jane 19.6.91 C  
Lyons George Gill Margery 8.8.96 L  
Mason George Wood Francesca 12.2.99 L  
Mason Henry Ward Margaret (widow) 26.11.80 GC  
Mason Henry Waldron Elizabeth 30.4.90 GC  
Mason John Carter Ann 28.10.76 GC  
Mason John Cooper Elizabeth 27.9.01 L  
Mason Thomas Green Ellen 4.10.01 L  
Pearson Richard Jackson Jane 19.1.89 GC  
Reynold George Typpine Emeta 27.10.00 GC  
Richardson James Whitehorne Emily 8.11.93 C  
Roule Christopher Ward Janet 7.7.88 GC  
Stafforth John Wilson Dorothy 5.5.80 L  
Storey John Richardson Margaret 2.6.83 GC  
Swansea John Husband Margaret 10.6.99 LC  
Symondson George Lucas Alice 27.5.76 GC  
Tanfield John Jackson Margaret 19.11.89 GC  
Tomlinson John Taylor Agnes 21.4.83 GC  
Vickers John Mason Ann 12.6.90 GC  
Walker Charles Jackson Jane 9.6.94 LC  
Walker Charles Stone Margaret 15.7.00 LC  
Ward John Hodgson Margaret 19.1.84 C  
Ward William Lumley Emeta 8.5.91 GC  
Ware Richard Symondson Janet 14.11.85 LC  
Westland Mathew Milner Margaret 12.11.01 L  
Wharton Leonard Gill Lucy 7.5.98 GC  
Wright Christopher Fiddler Margaret 29.11.81 LC  
Young George Jackson Cicely 11.5.01 GC  
[Huxterswall?] William Dickinson Marjorie 3.4.79 L  
[Snowden?] John Nelson Agnes 2.4.80 C  

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