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This is a transcript(©Ian Hancock, 2007) of the inventory of the goods and chattels of the late John Mason of Great Crakehall, made on his death in 1676. You can see the original document by clicking the thumbnail at the end of the page.

John seems to have been unusually prosperous - the large number of pewter utensils, and the feather bed with a valance and curtains, are exceptional among the Crakehall inventories I have seen.

A true and perfect inventory taken of the goods and chattels of John Mason, late of Great Crakall in the County of Yorke, deceased the sixteenth day of August in the eight and twentyeth yeare of the raighne of our soveraighne lord Charles the second by the grace of god kinge of England, Scotland, Fraunce and Ireland defender of the faith , anno dm 1676.

li   s    d
his purse and apperell
2    0   0
In the forehouse one straight table one  
joynt forme one cubboard one long settle  
two chaires two stooles one glasscase and  
other small implements
1    3    4
fower brasspotts two little pans sixteene  
puter dishes one puter basin one puter  
flagon fower puter candlestickes fower  
puter bowles one tankerd three puter  
salts two and twenty spounes fower puter  
plates two puter pottingers and one puter  
2    6    8
in the high parler one stand bed with the  
bedinge thereon, one cupboard one longe  
table one pannell cheist fower other cheists  
a corne bushell one doughtroughe two shelves
2    13    4
one feather bedd one payer of blanketts  
five bed coverings five payer and one od sheete  
of lininge and harden two tablecloathes two  
peeces of harden cloath one sett of cartins  
and valans one lin webb eleaven table napkins  
five pillowbers one long towell
3    0    0
in the low parler one stand bed with the  
bedinge thereon a chaffebed thereon two  
bolesters, six pillowes, one rugg two old  
bed coverings one buffitt stoule two old  
barells and some other small implements
2    0    0

Apprised by us
Joseph Chapman
John Webster
Robert Clapham
Nicholas Webester [????]

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