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These are transcripts of the proceedings of the Manor Courts held in Crakehall for the Lord of the Manor. The originals are part of the Curzon Howe Herrick papers at the North Yorkshire Record Office (ref.ZAW 146). The 1698 record (the first written in English) is transcribed in full; the others are abstracts. They are listed HERE

The papers consist mainly of lists (estreats) of fines or amercements imposed on tenants and freeholders for infringing the customs of the manor, and records of decisions made by the court about the running of the manor. In particular they provide insights into the difficulties of managing livestock when the green was used for common grazing and the Ings were unenclosed.
You can see the original document for 1698 HERE.

For family historians

Many of the court records are accompanied by a Call Roll, a list of the householders and freeholders of the village, who were expected to attend the court or provide a satisfactory excuse. In theory, they should contain the surname of every family in Great Crakehall, Little Crakehall and Rand at the given date. You can see these HERE.

List of the transcribed Court Papers for the Manor of Crakehall

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1673 Estreats for Court of Henry Place (translated from Latin) // see the call roll
1675 Estreats for Court of Henry Place (translated from Latin)
1686 Estreats for Court of Henry Place (translated from Latin)
1688 Estreats for Court of Henry Place (translated from Latin)
1698 Estreats for Court of Henry Place
1718 Court of Edward Goddard
1719 Court of Edward Goddard
1733 Court of Mary Turner
1734 Court of Mary Turner // see the call roll for 1736
1760 Court of Mary Turner
1761 Court of Mary Turner // see the call roll
1763 Court of Mathew Dodsworth and his wife Katherine.
1773 Court of Mathew Dodsworth and his wife Katherine // see the call roll
1786 Court of Mathew Dodsworth and his wife Katherine // see the call roll
1807 Court of Henry Peirse.
1808 Court of Henry Percy Peirse // see the call roll
1813 Court of Henry Percy Pulleine // see the call roll
1832 Court of Henry Percy Pulleine // see the call roll
1851 Court of Henry Percy Pulleine
1863 Court of Henry Percy Pulleine

The following are abstracts of the useful information, not full transcripts.

1673 // back to list

Court held for Thomas Place gent.,by Francis Clegg. 1673

Several of the tenants amerced(fined) 6d for default (i.e not appearing at court).

Richard Potter amerced 3s4d for neglecting his part of the manor.

1675 // back to list

Court Baron of Edward Place gent.,held by Thomas Bendelowes.1675

Several tenants for default 6d

For not cleansing their watercourses George Fothergill and Leonard Lucas sen. 5s each.

1686 // back to list

Court of Henry Place. Held by Robert Raike gent. 1686.

Presents John Peirse, freeholder, for neglecting his part of the manor 5s.

Several tenants for the like 1s

Many for neglecting to scour their watercourses.

1688 // back to list

Court of Henry Place, 1688.

Amerced for default John Dodsworth, Francis Wilkes gent. , Thomas Tennant gent., John Clerke, Henry Westland 5s,2s,2s,6d,6d.

Oliver Lucas for not repairing the way in the Oxepasture and Lunflatt lane in this manor. 2s

Henry Lucas for not repairing the way in the Coat lane.

Edward Thwaite for not repairing the way in the West Gill lane 1s.

Margaret Ward for incroachments on the common land 5s
Others as above.

George Fothergill for not cleansing a watercourse called the Scurfe in the Ings Head Close 1s.

James Ingram for neglecting to repair his ditch in the pasture 1s.

Lucy Whitton, widow, for not ringing her swine 1s.

Margaret Ellis and Ann Webster for the like.

1698 // back to list

Court held by Robert Raikes for Place, 1698.

Estreats : [This is the first roll in English and is transcribed in full] You can see the original document HERE

Manor of Crakehall cum Rand

An Estreat of the fines and amercements at the court held for the said manor upon the 24th day of October anno domini 1698 before Robert Raikes gent, Steward.

Of Robert Clapham for not repairing the Highway in the part called the Riddings Lane for which he is amerced 2s6d.
Michael Webster for the like in the part adjoining on the Coates 2s6d
George Body for the like 2s 6d.

Christopher Moore for not scouring the River Leeming on his grounds called Low Wood and Bristoll Ings 2s6d.
Thos.Fothergill for the like.
James Preston for the like in Low Wood.
Mark Webster for the like in Wray Garth.
Christopher Bateman for the like in Low Wood.

Nicholas Carter for not repairing a highway being out of repair in the oxepasture, one part in the wath leading to Langthorne, another part in the Gatestead.
Mr.Francis Wilkes for not repairing the highway in the oxpasture and for not cutting the wood obstructing the River Leeming in the part called Kingle Hire and Hall Bank.

Michael Grundell for being a common hedgebreaker 2s6d
7 others for the like offence all fined 2s6d.

Thomas Fothergill for not scouring the water course called Holtby Scurfe in the part called the Wray 6d.
Mark Webster as above.

Henry Peirse esq. for not appearing 1s.
John Dodsworth esq. and 12 others for the like 1s each.

1718 // back to list

Court held for Edward Goddard by Thomas Clarke, Steward. 1718

Mark Fothergill for a break in his Scurfe £1-0-O

Christopher Moore for not scouring his Scurfe 10s6d

Simon Goldart for the like 2s6d

James Ingram for oppressing the common 2s6d
2 others for the like 2s

Isabel Warton for hedge breaking 2s6d

Robert Clapham for not cleansing and cutting the willows out of the beck near Kirkbridge 10s.

1719 // back to list

Court of Edward Goddard, 1719.

Many presentments for not scouring the streams called Ings Stell and Low Wood Stell.

Miles Hardcastle for oppressing the common
Many others for the like

Mathew Craggs for stopping the water in the high road between Brompton and Crakehall

James Lamb for not appearing at court 2s6d

James Johnson for not ringing his swine 2s6d

1733 // back to list

The instructions for the conduct of the court, 1733

drawn up by Edward Bunting, Steward. Directed to William Inman, Serjeant or bailiffe of the said Manor

Manor of Crakehall These are to require you to summon all tenants of the said manor (whose names are hereunder written) and all other persons that do owe suit or service to the said court personally to be and appear at this Court baron to be holden for the manor aforesaid upon the 23rd day of October instant at the house of John Whitton , carpenter, then and there to do and perform their several suits and services according to the custom of the said manor and have you there the names of such persons as you have so summoned. And this precept given under my hand and seal this ________ day of October in the year of our Lord 1733.

[This is followed by the call roll]

Formal proceedings of the court - oaths etc. [Apparently drawn up by Edward Bunting in 1732].

Three proclamations :

All manner of persons that owe suit and service to this court Baron here this day to be holden and kept for the Manor of Crakehall (or were summoned to appear here this day) draw near and give your attendance and answer every man to his name as he shall be called and save your amercements.

If any will be Esssoigned come into court.
(Then call the suitors and inhabitants and amerce those absent)

All persons that hold any land of this court and are not yet admitted come into court and take your admittance and save your amercements.

The heirs and next of kin to _________ deceased come into court and take your admittance and do your suit and service for such lands or tenements as he or she died seized of, or they will be forfeited to the Lady of this manor. This is the proclamation.

You good men that are summoned to enquire for our sovereign Lord the King and the Lady of this Manor answer to your names at the first call upon pain of amercement.

The Foremans Oath You shall duly enquire and true presentment make of all such articles and things as shall be given you in charge and are here presentable, the Kings Counsel, your fellows and your own, you shall not disclose but here in court and you must present the truth and nothing but the truth so help you God.

The Jury's oath The same oath that your foreman hath sworn to perform.

The Officers Oath You shall well and truly ease, assess and assert all the amercements in this court and therein shall not spare any for love,fear or affection nor increase any mans fine for value, but upon every one set the same according to the quality or quantity of his offence.

The Oath of Fealty You shall be faithful and bear fealty to the Lady of the Manor for the lands and tenements that you claim to hold of her.

The Bailiff's Oath you shall well and truly execute the office of a Reeve or Bailiff within the liberty of the manor of Crakehall for the year to come and shall well and truly collect all such rents and profitts as shall be extracted out unto you and thereof make and yield up a true account at the end of the said year.

To the jury say : all you that are sworn draw near and hear your charge and the court commandeth all persons to keep silence while the charge is in giving.

When the court is set after dinner : all manner of persons that were adjourned over to clock or have further to do at this court Baron come into the court and give your attendance.

1734 // back to list

Court of Mary Turner, 1734

We the grand jury for the manor of Crakehall sworn at the court Baron held there the 7th day of October 1734 and adjourned to the 28th day of the same do present and amerce the several persons whose names are hereunder written as followeth :

Simon Sparrow for his water course lying in the Rand named Rand Beck 5s.

William Brown for his water course adjoining to his cowpasture end 6d

Mathew Craggs for his watercourse at his garth at Little Crakehall

Christopher Deighton for his Low Raine Gatestead wanting repair 6d

James Robinson for not taking care of his horses after sunset 6d

Marmaduke Miller, Thos.Croft ,Rob.Johnson for the like.

Jane Whitton for not taking care of her geese.

Mathew Craggs for the like.

Rob.Simson for taking his goods by force from the Townfold.

William Fisher for not taking care of his swine all summer.

William Scott for his swine not being ringed.

6 people for hedgebreaking 1s each

We agree that all horses that the bailiff does take into custody after sunset for the time to come shall pay 4d a night. And as for sheep a penny a pen for a night and as for cows and oxen two pence a pen.

1760 // back to list

Court of Mary Turner, 1760

We present and amerce these persons following for not appearing this day to do their suit : Michael Wain, William Benson senior.

It is agreed that John Horner, Bailiff of this manor, shall attend the Ings belonging to this manor from Bartholomew Day (the usual day of breaking the same) [24th August ] for three weeks after from 5 O'clock in the morning to 7 in the evening and drive the same and impound all horses, goods, cattles and sheep whatsoever belonging to any person or persons that have no right to turn any cattle therein. And for such attendance it is agreed that he shall be allowed ten pence a day to be paid by the constable of Crakehalls for the time being; and it is also agreed that he shall at all other times in the year drive the said Ings and impound any horses etc. It is also agreed that the said John Horner shall impound all stallion Galloways and asses that shall be found unlawfully trespassing in any of the lands or commons belonging to this manor. And that he also impound any horses or cattle belonging to any persons that suffer any horses or cattle to remain in any of the lanes or commons aforesaid after sunset betwixt the 5th April and the 4th Sep.

1761 // back to list

Court of Mary Turner, 28th October,1761.

We do lay a pain of sixpence a rood upon Mathew Dodsworth esq. if he does not sufficiently scour the stell in and through Tiplady Pasture to carry off the water running from Sandwith Beck.

Also the like pain on Samuel Wilkinson, John Caslin, Wm.Scott, Michael Mason, Dorothy Harrison, John Allen and Mark Linskill for not scouring the ditch or Stell in their respective fields through which the water runs into Sandwith beck arising from the Evers and Mark Linskill's cow pasture, if the same is not sufficiently soured before the 5th July next.

We lay a pain upon every person inhabiting within the manor that suffers any Geese to go at large upon the commons or other places between the first of June and Michaelmass and that every such goose shall be bowed on or before Whitsun Tuesday next, upon pain of forfeiting 6 pence for each goose. The same for any pigs that go at large upon the common unringed.

We do lay pain of 1s a rood upon Marmaduke Richardson if he does not sufficiently scour his gutter in his grounds called Mirefalls adjoining to James Eden's ploughing close called Low Close if the same is not done before Michaelmas next.

1763 // back to list

Court of Matthew Dodsworth and Katherine his wife, 25th April 1763.

2 amerced for not appearing.

Recd. of Mark Linskill the penalty of 1s
Recd. of Sam Williamson the penalty of 1s

Pain of 6d a rood on tenants of Ings if they do not clean the main stell before Sept. 24th.

The like if they do not ditch and scour the High End of the lngs adjoining Mr. Lister Bell before 25th March.
Several others of the same kind in Rand

A like pain on Mr.Dodsworth if he does not scour three roods or thereabouts in the Hemingbroughs adjoining to George Young's cow pasture.

[They repeat the rule about pigs and geese in the lngs as last year.]

We amerce Thomas Johnson , a juryrnan , 2s for not appearing to give his verdict and refusing to attend the rest of the jurors on their view, though he had notice for that purpose and was at home all the day.

Christopher Deighton sworn Constable.

1773 // back to list

Court of Matthew Dodsworth and Katherine his wife, 1773.

William Greetham was anounced to be dead.

Persons whose lands adjoin the High Long Stell in the lngs on the north side are to scour and dress the same or be amerced 6d per rood.

Also persons on whose land there are open and low places along the stell so that the water flows out of the stell into the Ings are to prevent the water doing damage by filling up the low places or have a penalty of 20s.

Christopher Pickering to stop and make up his gutter ends adjoining to Crakehall Beck on the Batts and prevent the water running along the gutters and into the lngs.

A pain on any tenant allowing his cattle on the commons after dark or allowing geese to go unbowed.

1786 // back to list

Court of Matthew Dodsworth and Katherine his wife, 1786

The Jury amerce William Plews for breaking open the pinfold and releasing his goods, they having been put there by the Pinder 10s 6d

Pain against tenants of the lngs concerning the High Long Stell

Pain on any inhabitants who shall make any Stacks of Hay or Straw upon any part of the common lands 10s 6d

Pain for cattle left on the common at night or on the lanes during the day. The jury find that Mr.Wray, tenant to Mr.Peirse at the Rand Grange, has inclosed and taken in part of the Waste Ground belonging to this manor called Sandwith Batt, to the prejudice of the Lord of the Manor.

1807 // back to list

Letter to Henry Peirse, Aug.3rd , 1807.

James Tunstall I believe to be a proper person to be the Pinder of Crakehall and likewise all the jury are agreeable. I could wish for the pinder to have the same fees as they have at Bedale. Mathew Musgrave.

Proceedings of Henry Peirse's Court , 1807, before Peter Rigg gent., Steward.

William Butterfield appointed Bailiff
Thos.Sadler appointed Constable
William Robinson appointed Pindar.

1808 // back to list

Court of Henry Pulleine, 1808.

Ordered that no asses shall go upon the Greens at Great and Little Crakehall, and the pinder is directed to impound them if they do.

1813 // back to list

Proceedings of Court of Henry Percy Pulleine, 1813 ; John Sanders Walton,gent., Steward.

[Walton was the name of Pulleines solicitor in Northallerton]

William Butterfield,bailiff ; Thos.Sadler , constable ; James Tunstall , pinder.

We present a certain pig stye or small building erected on the waste in the town of Great Crakehall in the occupation of James Tunstall, tenant to Anthony Stelling, and do amerce the said Anthony Stelling in the sum of 1d to be paid annually to the Lord in respect thereof.

Also a certain incroachment made by Timothy Hutton Esq., in a certain lane called Cowling Lane in length fifty yards,and in breadth about three yards adjoining to, and now part of a certain field called Mudfield and do amerce the said Hutton 6d per year. And also a certain incroachment made by Wm.Carter, tenant to Wm.Castling, at the Moor End and containing 54 yards length , 5 yards breadth - amerced 1d annually.

And also a certain quantity of stones and some manure on both sides of the road from Gt.Crakehall to Langthorne - George Sadler to remove the same or be amerced 2s.

[There are several presentments for incroachments on the wastes - mainly for small buildings and haystacks. There is a resolution that gating animals on the common is to cost 6d per gate annually, to be paid to the Lord of the Manor.]

Resolutions passed at H.P.Pulleine's Court Baron held at Crakehall May 20th 1813; William Hood , foreman of the jury.
1. It is ordered that each householder of the Township of Crakehalls shall be allowed to turn upon the Green and Common of Crakehalls one gate, cow, horse or sheep each arnd no more and that the hours of stray shall be from 6 in the morning to sunset and rno longer, 4 ewes and their lambs till midsurmmer, or 5 geld sheep shall be considered a full gate.

2. Pigs, bulls,stallions, stallion asses and tups shall be excluded.

3. No bulls, stallions or stallion asses shall be turned into the common winter pasture called Crakehall Ings.

4. The pinder to attend duly to the above rules and charge 4d for horses, beasts, asses and pigs, and 1d for sheep.

1832 // back to list

Proceedings of Court of Henry Percy Pulleine, November 1, 1832

We present a certain stable erected and built by John Wilson on the waste in the town of Great Crakehall at present in his own occupationand provided he does not remove the same on or before the first day of December next we amerce him in the sum of one penny to be paid annually to the lord of the manor in respect thereof.

We also present a certain hay rick standing in the waste in Great Crakehall adjoining a certain wall belonging to James Robson esq.

We also present all the several dunghills .... on the wastes as nuisances ..... and fine each 10 shillings

We present a certain cow house erected in the waste of Great Crakehall by James Tunstall on the site where formerly a pigsty or small building stood, and which were presented at the last court..... to be removed by January 1st or fined 20s.

We present a certain drain in the town and in the waste of Great Crakehall commencing at the second grate from the bridge and ending at the stone post on the road leading ...to Bedale, and from thence to the Plumb Tree Dub, and provided the same is not opened and sufficiently cleansed out, lowered to take the water off, and properly covered in again on or before the 21st day of June next we amerce the Surveyor of the Highways in the sum of 3 shillings per rood thereof

We also present a certain encroachment formerly made by William Carter , tenant to Mr William Castling senior, situate at the Moor End, the length and breadth of which is given in the verdict of the jury in the last Court ... and do amerce the said William Castling in the sum of one shilling to be paid annually to the lord of the manor in respect thereof.

1851 // back to list

Proceedings of Court of Henry Percy Pulleine, 1851

We present a certain ditch beginning at the Ings Cottage belonging to Thomas Robson esq.,and running in a northerly direction to the Ings Cross Road and thence eastward on the north side of the said road to the main watercourse at the end of a field belonging to Sir Charles Dodsworth Bart. and in the occupation of John Kirby - to be cleansed and scoured.

The jury beg leave to represent to Mr. Pulleine that it seems to them to be desirable that that portion of the Highway within Crakehall, leading from beyond the Black Horse Inn towards Newton and commencing where the Road branches off to Nomans Moor (now repairable by Mr. Mayhew's tenant John Triper) should , if practicable, be made a Township Highway under the provision of the Act 5,6 Wm.IV c50 s62, and they trust that Mr.Pulleine will take the matter into his consideration.

1863 // back to list

Proceedings of Court of Henry Percy Pulleine, 1863

We present a nuisance in Mastill in Little Crakehall near to cottages belonging to John Thompson, caused by heaps of manure and stagnant drainage water from pig cotes adjoining the highway.

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