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Burials of people from Crakehall and Langthorne recorded in the Bedale Parish Registers 1576-1601

Arranged by name, alphabetically

Names are transcribed as written in the register. When identified, the place of death is abbreviated as follows :
GC - Great Crakehall
LC - Little Crakehall
L - Langthorne

Browse the births arranged alphabetically by surname below, or go to the the list arranged by year

Surname First Name Date Status Place
Allane Magdalene 3.1.94 daughter of John Allane GC
Allen John 5.11.96   GC
Anderson Margaret 2.11.97 alias Jackson GC
Appleby Cecilia 9.12.98 daughter of Robert Appleby L
Appleby Cicely 25.9.83 wife of Robert Appleby L
Appleby Elizabeth 21.2.88 child of John Jackson L
Appleby Ellen 25.1.86 child L
Appleby Margery 24.2.01 wife of Robert Appleby L
Appleby Ralph 8.5.93 son of Robert Appleby L
Atkinson William 1.1.98 traveller GC
Bean Margaret 29.4.78 wife of John Bean L
Burton Anna 27.3.85 widow GC
Burton John 19.7.82   GC
Carter Cecily 5.10.90 wife of Thomas Carter L
Carter Thomas 18.10.90   L
Chester George 28.12.84 child GC
Clapham Dorothy 5.6.83 child GC
Clapham Elizabeth 9.8.87 wife of John Clapham,mother of baby John,childbirth GC
Clapham Elizabeth 22.8.90 wife of Adam Clapham GC
Clapham Isabel 9.10.89 child GC
Clapham Isabella 25.10.92 daughter of Adam Clapham GC
Clapham John 2.8.87 child GC
Clark Alice 5.12.83 wife of Thomas Clark LC
Clark Christopher 27.8.84 child LC
Clark Christopher 13.11.99   GC
Clark Dorothy 25.8.87 child LC
Clark Elizabeth 18.5.87   LC
Clark Elizabeth 19.2.89 child LC
Clark Elizabeth 10.1.98 daughter of Thomas Clark LC
Clark Henry 7.6.86 child LC
Clark Henry 27.12.87 child LC
Clark Isabel 9.2.79 child GC
Clark John 19.10.93 son of Edward Clark GC
Clark Lucy 17.8.80 widow LC
Clark Lucy 6.3.99 daughter of Thomas Clark LC
Clark Robert 25.8.90 son of Thomas Clark LC
Collinson Elizabeth 4.3.87 wife of John Collinson GC
Corbett Jane 10.9.86 mother of John Corbett,childbirth LC
Corbett John 2.9.86 spurious child LC
Cowper Dorothy 23.11.90 daughter of Henry Cowper LC
Cowper Henry 7.12.90   LC
Day John 9.12.95 son of John Day GC
Dodsworth Thomas 11.2.93 son of William Dodsworth L
Fidler Thomas 14.7.80   LC
Fisher Janet 13.3.79 child L
Fisher John 1.3.79 child L
Fox Edmund 28.4.97   L
Garnett Anne 5.11.79 child L
Garnett Frances 12.3.83 child L
Gill Isabel 4.4.90 widow GC
Gill Katherine 21.3.92 wife of William Gill LC
Gill Margaret 20.7.85 widow GC
Gill Richard 22.4.93   GC
Gill William sen. 18.7.90   LC
Glover Janet 2.7.87   L
Glover John 12.4.79   L
Granger Jane 27.10.92 daughter of Christopher Granger GC
Granger John 7.3.97   GC
Greathead Jane 18.4.89 child LC
Hall Emeta 23.1.83   GC
Harrison Elizabeth 12.4.99 daughter of Edward Harrison,traveller GC
Harrison Janet 1.10.76   LC
Harrison John 2.5.84   LC
Harrison John 25.5.88 child GC
Harrison Robert 25.4.87   L
Harrison Robert 3.11.93 son of WilliamHarrison LC
Harrison Thomas 4.9.86 child LC
Harrison Thomas 13.7.97   LC
Harrison unnamed 7.3.96 widow L
Holme Thomas 24.2.78   GC
Home Agnes 11.12.76   L
Hootes Isabel 30.4.94   L
Humble Thomas 21.2.99   GC
Hunt Katherine 17.9.90 wife of William Hunt L
Husband Alison 20.4.91 wife of Thomas LC
Husband Dorothy 26.6.86 child LC
Husband Elizabeth 26.3.87 child LC
Husband Jane 26.6.86 child LC
Husband John 29.3.81   LC
Husband Margaret 19.6.86 child LC
Husband Thomas 6.7.78   LC
Husband Thomas 11.4.88 child LC
Husband William 24.11.88   LC
Jack Elizabeth 15.3.98 wife of William Jack L
Jackson Elizabeth 3.6.88 child GC
Jackson George 7.7.80   GC
Jackson Isabel 3.2.88 wife of Robert Jackson GC
Jackson Isabella 4.3.80   GC
Jackson Isabella 3.11.80   GC
Jackson Jane 22.1.88 child of John Jackson GC
Jackson Jane 17.2.91 widow GC
Jackson John 13.4.85 child GC
Jackson Robert 19.5.89 child GC
Jackson Simon 26.12.97   GC
Jackson Thomas 1.12.89   GC
Jackson William 7.2.80 child GC
Johnson Dorothy 8.3.97 wife of James Johnson GC
Kilburn George 27.12.87 child L
Kilburn Margaret 10.10.88 child L
Kilburn Ralph 12.11.87 child L
Lambert Elizabeth 14.6.97   L
Langstaff Ellen 29.6.78 child L
Longstaff Elizabeth 5.8.84 child L
Lucas Elizabeth 27.4.80 wife ofJohn Lucas LC
Lucas Margaret 23.11.94 daughter of John Lucas LC
Lumley Richard 15.3.90   LC
Lumley Richard 1.12.94   LC
Lyons Dorothy 2.8.77   L
Lyons Jane 22.4.78   L
Lyons Richard 13.9.87   L
Mason Edmund 10.5.76   GC
Mason Edward 15.6.84 child GC
Mason Gregory 10.2.85   GC
Mason Isabel 30.5.76 widow GC
Mason Isabel 27.1.94 alias Oliver GC
Mason Isabel 30.10.95 wife of George Mason,childbirth L
Mason Margaret 20.9.80   GC
Mason Margaret 21.1.93 daughter of John Mason L
Mason Margaret 6.11.95 daughter of George Mason L
Mason Peter 10.1.85 child GC
Mason Robert 19.6.76   GC
Mason Robert 12.2.78   GC
Mason Robert 2.11.82   GC
Mason Robert 20.10.83 child GC
Mason unnamed 3.10.93 wife of Peter Mason GC
Matson Margaret 17.5.90 daughter of Christopher Matson GC
Peacock Thomas 9.5.93 son of Ralph Peacock GC
Pearson Alison 9.8.85 wife ofChristopher Pearson L
Pearson Christopher 22.12.88   L
Pearson Frances 19.2.91 daughter of William Pearson L
Pearson Isabel 23.4.95 daughter of Richard Pearson L
Pearson John 30.9.87   L
Phillips Janet 31.3.81   L
Pratt Margaret 27.11.76 widow LC
Richardson Alice 18.1.80 child GC
Richardson George 9.8.96   L
Richardson Janet 21.3.90 widow LC
Richardson John 26.6.81   LC
Richardson William 26.4.92   GC
Robinson David 15.9.78   LC
Rogester Ralph 10.11.76 child LC
Roule William 16.5.89   GC
Rowle Robert 8.2.87   GC
Scotson Alice 7.2.85 child GC
Scotson Barbara 19.4.91 wife of Ralph Scotson GC
Seal Elizabeth 4.7.87   LC
Sickling John 6.12.00 alias Goodlady GC
Smith Christopher 6.2.80   GC
Smithson Ellen 17.2.83 child L
Smithson Jane 27.3.95 wife of Henry Smithson L
Smithson Margaret 4.3.94 daughter of Henry Smithson GC
Smithson Margaret 10.6.97 daughter of Henry Smithson L
Smithson Robert 20.12.98 son of Henry Smithson L
Smithson unnamed 17.5.97 son of henry Smithson L
Smithson William 23.3.97 son of Henry Smithson L
Snowdon John 17.4.87   GC
Spensley Elizabeth 7.1.79 wife of John,childbirthL L
Spensley Katherine 1.1.79   L
Stafford Margery 3.10.76   L
Storey Elizabeth 20.1.87 child LC
Storey Margaret 30.5.91 daughter of Henry Storey GC
Storey unnamed 24.11.92 son of John Storey GC
Storey William 27.3.85   GC
Symondson Elizabeth 1.10.77 child GC
Symondson Elizabeth 5.10.91 wife of Robert Symondson LC
Symondson Janet 28.9.98 daughter of Robert Symondson LC
Symondson Thomas 26.1.99 son of George Symondson GC
Thompson Ann 23.10.87   L
Thompson Ernest 30.9.92   L
Thompson George 24.4.95 spurious son of Anthony Thompson GC
Thompson William 27.10.87 spurious child of Ann Thompson,childbirth L
Tomlinson Emeta 19.9.89 child GC
Tomlyn Jane 14.4.88 child GC
Tomlyn John 14.2.87 child GC
Typpine John 20.7.84 child GC
Typpine Katherine 4.2.97 daughter of Ralph Typpine GC
Typpine Robert 20.8.90   GC
unknown Elizabeth 9.1.88 a traveller GC
unknown Joanna 9.1.88 daughter of Elizabeth,childbirth GC
unnamed   15.4.95 child of John Mason L
unnamed   29.10.95 child of George Mason L
Walker Henry 13.9.1600 son of Charles Walker LC
Walker Jane 18.5.96 wife of Charles,childbirth LC
Walker Richard 1.5.99 son of Charles Walker LC
Walker Roger 18.10.94 son of Charles Walker LC
Walker Thomasine 28.3.99 wife of Charles Walker,childbirth LC
Walker unnamed 18.5.96 child of Charles Walker LC
Ward Ann 11.4.91 wife of George Ward GC
Ward Janet 6.7.90 daughter of George Ward GC
Ward unnamed 29.12.96 wife of Thomas Ward GC
Ward William 12.10.86 child GC
Wedrope William 12.10.76   GC
Westland George 30.10.00   L
Westland Margaret 13.8.87 child L
Wharton Jane 15.3.98 wife of Leonard Wharton L
Whitehorne Christabel 21.9.78 wife of Jacob Whitehorne GC
Whithorne Hugh 1.2.85   GC
Whithorne Katherine 22.4.88 child GC
Whitton John 31.5.78   GC
Whitton John 19.8.90   GC
Whitton Margaret 11.7.80 widow GC
Wilson Alison 14.3.85 wife ofJacob Wilson LC
Wilson Ciceley 12.11.88 widow LC
Wilson James 18.4.87   LC
Wilson John 1.2.86   LC
Wine Ann 28.1.98   GC
Wood William 3.12.86 child GC
Wright Agnes 22.3.82 widow LC
Wright Christopher 30.1.87   LC
Wright Margaret 12.8.82 wife of Christopher Wright LC
Wynde Edmund 1.12.76   GC
Wynde Robert 14.1.84   GC
Wyvill Ceciley 10.1.92 daughter of Christopher Wyvill L
Wyvill William 11.11.92 son of Christopher Wyvill L

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