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Baptisms of babies born in Crakehall and Langthorne recorded in the Bedale Parish Registers 1576-1601

Arranged by name, alphabetically

Names are transcribed as written in the register. When identified, the place of birth is abbreviated as follows :
GC - Great Crakehall
LC - Little Crakehall
L - Langthorne
Where there is a question mark the place is missing or illegible and I have inserted a likely place based on other contemporary documentary evidence.

Browse the births arranged alphabetically by surname below, or go to the the list arranged by year

surname first name father d.o.b. place
Allayne Magdalene John 30.9.93 GC
Allen Anthony Edward 6.10.88 GC
Allen Thomas Edward 13.10.85 GC
Allen Elizabeth John 10.6.95 GC
Amgill George Richard 28.3.89 L
Appleby Elizabeth Robert 30.11.86 L
Appleby Ellen Robert 2.5.85 L
Appleby Ralph Robert 17.2.93 L
Appleby Thomas Robert 20.2.99 L
Appleby William Robert 7.3.89 L
Axilbye Cecilia Robert 19.6.94 L
Bone Elizabeth Thomas 18.2.79 GC
Branson Richard John 16.10.99 LC
Care ? Richard 25.3.95 GC
Chester George Richard 8.3.84 GC
Chester Isabella Richard 10.4.80 GC
Clapham Elizabeth Adam 23.8.90 GC
Clapham Isabella Adam 16.3.89 GC
Clapham John Adam 29.1.80 GC
Clapham Peter Adam 23.2.85 GC
Clapham Richard Adam 7.10.82 GC
Clapham Robert Adam 2.10.77 GC
Clapham Anna John 26.2.85 GC
Clapham Dorothy John 31.5.83 LC
Clapham Elizabeth John 1.9.77 LC
Clapham Margaret William 17.9.00 GC
Clark Elizabeth Christopher 2.9.76 LC
Clark George Christopher 18.10.84 LC
Clark Robert Christopher 12.2.78 LC
Clark William Christopher 5.2.81 GC
Clark Ann Richard 14.3.80 LC
Clark Christopher Richard 13.5.82 LC
Clark Henry Richard 21.6.85 LC
Clark Henry Richard 11.4.87 LC
Clark Isabella Richard 14.3.78 LC
Clark Dorothy Thomas 15.4.87 LC
Clark Elizabeth Thomas 21.9.88 LC
Clark Elizabeth Thomas 29.9.96 LC
Clark Grace Thomas 3.12.83 LC
Clark Lucy Thomas 21.7.94 LC
Clark William Thomas 9.5.85 LC
Clarke Robert Thomas 12.4.90 LC
Clarke Anna Tom 16.4.92 LC
Collinson William Robert 3.9.98 GC
Cook ? George 30.11.95 GC
Cook Dorothy George 29.3.01 GC
Cook Janet George 6.3.89 GC
Cook William George 3.9.98 GC
Corbridge George Francis 31.5.84 GC
Craggs Katherine spurious-motherGrace Craggs 29.6.81 L
Day Elizabeth John 1.5.00 GC
Day John John 4.10.95 GC
Day Margaret John 23.9.93 GC
Day Robert John 4.10.95 GC
Day Anna Thomas 4.11.76 GC?
Dodsworth Marjorie George 6.3.86 GC
Dodsworth John John 21.9.97 GC
Dodsworth Anthony William 7.2.80 L
Dodsworth Thomas William 30.10.92 L
Dodsworth Peter William 24.2.77 L
Ellis John Robert 7.10.00 GC
Fiddler Isabella Thomas 26.2.78 LC
Fox Margaret Edward 16.10.80 L
Fox Maria Edward 26.8.84 L
Fox Elizabeth John 5.5.77 L
Garnett Ann Peter 3.7.79 L
Garnett Anna Peter 10.4.86 L
Garnett Christopher Peter 30.3.84 L
Garnett Emma Peter 29.4.78 L
Garnett Thomas Peter 7.9.80 L
Gill Christopher Richard 25.7.91 GC
Gill Elizabeth Richard 10.4.80 GC
Gill Henry Richard 12.11.81 GC
Gill Margaret Richard 3.4.85 GC
Gill Margaret Richard 16.12.88 GC
Glover Margaret William 8.12.88 L
Glover Richard William 28.10.92 L
Glover Thomas William 2.3.95 L
Granger Elizabeth Christopher 18.6.92 GC
Granger Margaret Christopher 14.7.88 GC
Greated George Christopher 11.7.87 GC
Greated Janet Christopher 26.8.82 GC
Grisbie Margaret William 21.4.77 L
Hall Dorothy Christopher 20.2.95 LC
Hall Robert Christopher 17.9.98 LC
Hall Elizabeth William 10.4.92 L
Harrison Elizabeth Christopher 24.3.94 LC
Harrison Jane Christopher 10.1.1600 LC
Harrison Richard Christopher 26.8.97 LC
Harrison William Christopher 3.12.92 LC
Harrison Margaret Leonard 19.1.84 L
Harrison George Thomas 12.2.90 LC
Harrison Thomas Thomas 13.2.86 GC
Harrison William Thomas 19.10.87 LC
Harrison John William 18.12.86 LC
Harrison Margery William 25.1.91 LC
Harrison Maria William 10.9.88 LC
Harrison Robert William 26.8.93 GC
Harrison Thomas William 21.11.94 LC
Harrison Thomas William 8.7.97 LC
Heavisides Mary John 19.2.98 GC
Horsfield Jane Gilbert 13.9.84 GC
Huish Ralph John 25.2.94 GC
Humble Margaret John 28.10.99 GC
Hunt Alice William 7.4.97 L
Hunt Margery William 14.4.94 L
Hunter William William 16.10.00 L
Huntershell John William 18.8.79 L
Husband Dorothy William 1.10.81 LC
Husband Jane William 12.1.84 LC
Husband Margaret William 12.1.84 LC
Husband Thomas William 22.7.87 LC
Husband Dorothy William (posthumous) 9.3.89 GC
Jack Jane Francis 12.3.97 L
Jack Peter William 9.11.00 L
Jackson Janet Henry 19.4.01 GC
Jackson George Henry (pauper) 6.11.79 GC
Jackson Cecilia John 19.12.92 GC
Jackson Edward Robert 26.9.85 GC
Jackson Henry Robert 19.1.80 GC
Jackson Margaret Robert 15.3.77 GC
Jackson John Simon 28.12.82 GC
Jackson Margaret Simon 13.8.79 GC
Jackson George William 23.11.96 GC
Jackson Margaret William 10.8.91 GC
Jackson Barbara William jun. 27.1.94 GC
Jackson Cicely William jun. 7.8.82 GC
Jackson Elizabeth William jun. 24.6.76 GC
Jackson Elizabeth William jun. 4.8.88 GC
Jackson Isabella William jun. 2.11.84 GC
Jackson Dorothy William sen. 27.10.99 GC
Jackson Elizabeth William sen. 8.3.87 GC
Jackson John William sen. 10.8.82 GC
Johnson Margaret Clement 30.6.88 LC
Johnson William Clement 7.6.90 LC
Johnson Elizabeth James 6.3.99 GC
Johnson Henry James 21.1.01 GC
Kempe Elizabeth Thomas 3.8.00 L
Kempe Margaret Thomas 28.6.96 L
Kempe Janet Tom 25.12.92 L
Kempe Richard Tom 2.12.99 LC
Kilburn Elizabeth John 13.3.90 L
Kilburn George John 26.11.87 L
Kilburn Margaret John 15.9.88 L
Kilburn Ralph John 16.3.85 L
Langstaff Ellina John 15.4.78 L
Langstaff Janet John 30.8.79 L
Langstaff Margaret John 20.12.81 L
Langstaff Peter John 22.8.84 L
Lucas Lucy Henry 9.5.98 LC
Lucas Robert Henry 1.3.01 LC
Lucas John John 28.1.93 LC
Lucas Maria John 8.9.94 LC
Lyons Christopher George 15.4.99 L
Lyons George George 27.6.97 L
Lyons Cicely Richard 19.6.80 L
Mason Alice George 16.5.97 GC
Mason Henry George 28.9.00 GC
Mason Margery George 29.10.95 L
Mason William George 18.5.00 GC
Mason Peter Henry 1.11.76 GC?
Mason Robert James 17.5.80 GC
Mason Ann John 15.6.96 L
Mason Christopher John 18.7.85 L?
Mason Edward John 3.11.83 GC
Mason Giles John 24.8.00 L
Mason Henry John 1.9.88 L
Mason Janet John 30.9.77 GC
Mason Margaret John 5.10.92 L
Mason William Peter 19.5.77 GC
Mason George Richard 6.4.79 GC
Mason Ralph Richard 11.3.76 GC
Mason Robert Richard 28.7.83 GC
Mitchell Margaret Richard 11.8.99 LC
Mitchell Robert Richard 24.10.96 LC
Palliser Francis Thomas 13.1.83 LC
Palliser Isabella Thomas 14.2.85 LC
Peacock Thomas Ralph 6.5.93 L
Peacock Henry William 19.8.99 GC
Pearson Christopher John 18.7.85 L
Pearson John John 23.9.76 L
Pearson Margaret John 4.10.80 L
Pearson Symon John 29.4.78 L
Pearson William John 14.4.83 L
Pearson William Leonard 4.3.99 GC
Pearson Christopher Richard 25.3.96 L
Pearson Ellen Richard 15.2.99 L
Pearson Margaret Richard 26.10.89 L
Pearson William Richard 16.2.92 L
Richardson Alice Andrew 30.8.79 GC
Richardson Robert James 2.5.93 GC
Richardson George John 13.8.92 LC
Rochester Elizabeth Richard 24.2.77 GC
Rochester John Richard 11.12.86 GC
Scotson Henry Ralph 5.4.84 LC
Smithson Ellen Henry 18.9.82 L
Smithson Emily Henry 14.9.91 L
Smithson James Henry 7.8.88 GC
Smithson John Henry 24.6.01 L
Smithson Margaret Henry 20.1.94 GC
Smithson Peter Henry 1.8.85 L
Smithson Richard Henry 21.5.98 L
Smithson William Henry 21.5.98 L
Snowdon Henry John 27.3.80 GC?
Stephenson Lawrence Thomas 10.8.98 LC
Storey Elizabeth George 1.3.79 GC
Storey Margaret George 16.8.87 GC
Storey Margaret George 15.12.88 GC
Storey Anna Henry 27.12.87 GC
Storey George Henry 17.7.97 GC
Storey Margaret Henry 16.7.89 GC
Storey William Henry 1.6.93 GC
Storey Elizabeth John 16.1.87 LC
Storey Elizabeth John 28.2.97 LC
Storey John John 13.10.88 LC
Storey Robert John 11.3.84 LC
Storey Margaret spurious-motherMary Storey 20.3.82 LC
Symondson Elizabeth George 24.8.77 GC
Symondson Margaret George 10.4.88 GC
Symondson Thomas George 16.2.84 GC
Symondson Dorothy Robert 6.3.93 LC
Symondson Elizabeth Robert 1.8.00 LC
Symondson Janet Robert 25.6.98 LC
Symondson John Robert 24.9.88 LC
Symondson Richard Robert 7.6.90 LC
Symondson Thomas Robert 23.7.86 LC
Symondson George Robert 4.4.95 LC
Tadcastle WElizabeth William 23.1.89 L
Taylor William spurious-mother Elizabeth Taylor 29.6.79 LC
Tennant Francis Christopher 23.10.92 GC
Thornton ? Thomas 29.9.96 GC
Tomlinson Emmeta John 21.12.92 GC
Tomlyn Alice John 28.4.83 GC
Tomlyn Emeta John 8.6.89 GC
Tomlyn John John 2.2.87 GC
Tomlyn Margaret John 27.12.84 GC
Typpine John Robert 5.4.84 GC
Typping Anne Robert 8.12.77 GC
Typpyne Mathew Richard 19.9.96 GC
Walker Henry Charles 9.9.00 LC
Walker Richard Charles 26.2.99 LC
Walker Roger Charles 6.10.94 LC
Walworth Dorothy Thomas 5.1.94 L
Walworth Elizabeth Thomas 1.10.98 L
Walworth George Thomas 14.5.88 L
Walworth John Thomas 10.11.89 L
Walworth William Thomas 1.2.96 L
Walworth Christopher Tom 26.12.91 L
Ward Jane George 15.1.95 GC?
Ward George Richard 12.5.96 LC
Ward Henry Richard 13.9.88 LC
Ward Janet Richard 1.1.91 LC
Ward John Richard 23.4.93 LC
Ward William Richard 9.9.86 LC
Ward Grace William 17.4.94 GC
Ward Henry William (minor) 18.5.00 GC
Ward alias Taylor Margaret William 8.8.97 GC
Wederope Elizabeth William 8.5.77 GC?
Westland Helen George 24.8.79 L
Westland Janet George 21.9.85 L
Westland Margaret George 15.1.83 L
Westland Philip George 1.5.77 L
Wharton John Leonard 29.9.96 L
Wharton Anne Vincent 1.5.94 GC
White George John 4.10.84 GC
Whitton Dorothy John 16.2.89 GC
Whitton John John 14.10.90 GC
Whitton Elizabeth Thomas 21.10.81 GC
Whitton Henry Thomas 15.8.77 GC
Whitton Mary Thomas 27.3.79 GC
Whitton George William 21.6.01 GC
Wilson Marcus spurious-mother Elizabeth Wilson 25.4.93 LC
Wright Anna Christopher 4.12.86 LC
Wynd William spurious, mother - wynd 21.3.85 GC
Wyvill Margaret Christopher 21.10.93 L
Wyvill William Christopher 5.11.92 L

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